Adding Up

S/S 09 ads keep coming and as each new campaign debuts another layer of excitement is added. YSL gives us Claudia Schiffer at her most dramatic – posing in front of the legendary Hollywood sign and looking every bit the star while Armani Jeans features a host of fresh faces including catwalk standouts Sigrid Agren and Sara Blomqvist. For the Akris S/S 09 ads Daiane Conterato lends her signature glare to the brand’s elegant minimalist chic.

Claudia for YSL by Ines and Vinoodh

Daiane for Akris by Steven Klein

Sara and Sigrid for Armani Jeans by Mert and Marcus

  1. I think the YSL ad by Claudia, is stunning imagery. The collaboration of such an iconic model, and such an iconic American landmark is genius!! (Not to mention Inez and Vinnodh are my fav’s) I love the one in the black. SO MUCH DRAMA, even in its simplicity. I’m still trying to make myself love Daiane, but not sure I’m there though. Kudos for her ad campaign for Akris though. (smile)

  2. Claudia is a SUPERSTAR!!! Chanel, Ferragamo, now YVES SAINT LAURENT!!!

    As for DAIANE… I think she rocked the Akris ad as well… she looks stunning (and deadly) as usual… hopefully we’ll see more sides of her in this campaign

  3. The Yves Saint Laurent ads are some of the best for this season I’ve seen thus far. Not only is the imagery outstanding in colours and composition but I ADORE the subtle ‘Y’ connections.

  4. i like sara,and the (sorry:only i can speek a little english,maybe can’t talk the 越狱’s english name,pardon me^^^^^^^^@~@i like english)

  5. Love Claudia Schiffer, keep it coming!! I really wish Claudia can do another one for Louis Vuitton as the major model, instead of doing it with others. I won’t mind she’s doing more CHANEL either, her work on 2007 SS is FANTASTIC!! Can’t wait to see the whole YSL campaign in upcoming Feb’09!!!

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