1. I’m so tired of Hedi Slimanes vision … Amazing designer & Dior Homme was better with him but I’m getting really tired of his photography/models etc… same old same old …

  2. spring 2009 is probably going to have some of the best campaigns in a while. If longchamp’s ads and this collaboration are any sign of whats coming, i don’t think i’ll be able to handle the fabulousness!

  3. You know, on the long run, images and models like these – and Slimane’s work in general, damage the fashion industry. Because what’s going on here is, all they do is make it less accessible and less attractive, and this is nothing but snobbery at it’s worst.

  4. This is just a strategic business initiative streamlining the overall image of prada in to something more early classic european. It might do well to move backwards in time these days considering the economy

  5. This ad is interesting; it kind of just looks like the pictures that he took of them that are posted on his photo diary except here they’re dressed in Prada. For some reason, I think it works.

  6. I like these pics – I just googled the simonon kids and they are 14 and 17yrs old! what IS mr rock n roll thinking pushing his kids into this? vile. Not very punk rock is it?

  7. Who cares how old they are? I think they look great. Two lovely looking kids in great clothes. Well said RJ.

  8. sad sad… ;(
    good-looking boys… but i don’t think this ad works at all… don’t get me wrong, I think Hedi is a very talented designer-photographer… but honestly, what does PRADA and HEDI SLIMANE have in common?!?! aside from minimalism?!?!

    i don’t know about this… the campaign may grow on me but first impression… BAD and SAD!!!

  9. It’s not fair that they are booked only beause of their name ! They dont glow out some Punk Rock. They are absolutly uninterssting and boring on a PICTURE !

  10. Slimane is a great photographic genius but this shows his monotonous talent which is evident in his past campaigns for Dior Homme and well his models were really young, so this just reminds me of really a GOOD picture but not just an ordinarily GOOD picture

  11. not sure ..im so tired of these 5year old boys selling me this image, that as a man will
    not buy sory prada just lost me i love the patrick p.j last season that is more like it
    please pass this along “get a clue” stop photografing boys…. what is it teen vogue????

  12. The add campaign isbrilliant, so what if it similar to Dior? It’s not as if every single brand isn’t influenced by others. The whole fashion industry is about inspiring others. The boys look great and the photos are amazing.

  13. the boys are very reminiscent of the Outsiders by S.E Hinton. 50’s youth culture/rebellion at the beginning…just hearing the tiny footsteps of little men. they have a very p.dohrety aesthetic which slimane loves, and i could have mistaken the ads for dior…but still they look absolutely beautiful