New Sensation

Hundreds of magazines cross our paths each year but few have the visual impact of Gravure. Each issue is a work of art unto itself. The unique format requires each page to be separated delicately from the whole before one can read it. This guarantees that every page will be read and provides a truly original presentation. The format calls to mind vintage printing techniques where the pages of books were sealed together.

Issue no. three is composed of a black and white series of evocative images from the coolest photographers on the block. Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton contribute a sensuous editorial starring Patricia Schmid, Tiiu Kuik and Sydonie. The trio lounges around a loft looking elegantly wasted in next to nothing fashions. Every editorial is an enticing continuation of the same dynamic theme whether it is Timoxa Timoschenko looking ethereal for Alex Freund or Julian Hennig displaying the seasons most interesting menswear.

  1. Personally, I loved the format of this magazine. The foldout poster was genius, and the quality of the paper was refreshing.

    Olesya’s double page was bloody beautiful, as well as Camille Mervin Leroy’s story!

  2. i went to buy it today out of curiosity and i wish i didn’t!!!!
    first of all, i found ripping the pages quite irritable, moreover, opening them and seeing less than mediocre photo shoots made it even more frustrating!!!
    there are few good shots but overall there wasn’t really much to it!!!

  3. models dont even excersize do they?they just stay skinny by not eating,(yes,im going to be cliche’)i really love modeling though and when i excersize i am about the same size as models so,even though i have a weight problem i can still excersize and wear the clothes.