A Dolls House

Solve Sundsbo‘s transforms Alessandra Ambrosio into a living doll for the debut issue of Industrie. In the Japanese cartoon doll inspired story, styled by Katie Grand, Alessandra is nearly unrecognizable beneath layers of white makeup and a platinum wig, the drastic change allows Ale, to take on a whole new character. In addition to Ale, the highly stylized story, also serves as a retrospective of Giles Deacon’s most striking pieces!





  1. Is that really her?
    She looks so different, like any other current model, and she’s doing it GREAT

  2. Solve Sundsbo already did something like this in 2008 with Anabela Belikova for Vogue Italia.
    I like it! Not Ale though.

  3. I absolutely LOVE it. wow alessandra is very versatile! I had no idea she could pull this hf look off. well not real surprised considering she has that amazing bone structure which can pull off many different looks. well done! Id love to see more of her this way.

  4. Her eyes are VERY much photoshopped in this photos. She has really small eyes without make-up, but i’m happy she’s going in this direction. She has a great body.

  5. Absolutely Stunning!!! Ale is hands down my favorite model out there. I am loving the mixture of high fashion and commercial work these days. Keep it coming.

  6. Sweet! White Queen meets supermodel! Face should have been more stoic, but it’s cool!

  7. I don’t like this editorial. Looks like a test. Horrible. Alessandra is beautiful, but not in this story. Bad lighting, over retouching.

  8. I like to see how she is an extremely commercial model that can sometimes work her way into editorial content. I really loved her pre-Victoria Secret, I hope she continues to impress us with this type of work.

  9. looks very mert and marcus like…what they did wit tanya d. and vlada for pop with katie

  10. At first, I was like ‘there is no way this is Ambrosio!!!’ But the second photo gives it away, because of the eyes and general structure of her face. But this is a really good editorial!!!!

  11. The shots are Gorgeous, the styling is creepy beautiful. …..but I get the message of the story. This is the opposite of Alessandra. Alessandra is a very strong Supermodel/ woman that is and will always be in Control of her life career and image. Here, her alter Ego is a broken up Doll and a beautiful puppet. That’s how I interpret it.

  12. Firt Time i see Alessandra no sexy, yes she cam, be a good model, and work conceituality, congratulations, for u don’t use u body, and yes yourr talent… the photos are unbelievable

  13. wow – i looked at the pic with the butterfly first and thought, wow, she looks like a robot or a doll… then i read the title… duh. amazing job all around!

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