1. Even in a youthful story, Liya has the most regal presence. She stands head and shoulders above everyone else.

  2. maybe the cowgirls from this new era are taking either lozoff or prozak because they look depressed :/

  3. Such a strange choice of model for this story. Thta’s not meant as a criticism of the sublime Ms Kebebe who is posibly the most beautiful women in the world but “an eclectic mix of cowgirl, scuba and sporty styles” really isn’t her thing.

    This shoot is crying out for Sessilee.

  4. Sessilee, of course !

    You’re right Baby C. Sesilee I’m almost convinced is one of the best model alongside Gisele.

    That Lopez Girl can wear a trash bag and still en Vogue!

  5. Umm excuse me but I posted a comment

    It said, “I love Liya, but this is dreadful”

    Did it seriously get censored??!!? Seriously?

    Wow, talk about thin-skinned. Typical.

    Grow up jerks, constructive criticism is a positive thing.

  6. Peter, u r my new best friend!!! (so funny to me) I too think that Sessilee’s energy is needed for this edit. She just brings it!! I love Mrs. Kebede (the most regal beauty), and I dont think this is bad, but I would have rather seen Sessilee.

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