Red Delicious

While her striking haircolor change only made its official debut last week, Coco Rocha‘s new locks are already in Vogue. Patrick Demarchelier gives us our first editorial glimpse of the fiery red tresses while famously flame haired fashion insiders like Grace Coddington and Karen Elson extol the virtues of red hair in the accompanying article.

Coco Rocha by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue US January 2009

  1. Credit crunch, global meltdown, Iraq, Mumbai, AIDS, energy crisis, global warming, polar ice cap melting, Jihad, Afghanistan….

    and hold the front page, Coco dyes her hair red. Ahhhh.

    Perhaps we all deserve to die, ASAP.

  2. now it’s strange that a website dedicated to models publishes stories about models?? what the?!
    anyway, the new color is great and will be a favorite of many editors and designers, global warming and energy crisis notwithstanding. this is superhero color, maybe Coco can save the planet before anyone dies, Macca.

  3. The site is called It’s about models. If you would like up to the minute coverage of pressing societal issues please direct yourself to any of the ten million news sites on the internet. They’re not that hard to find…

    Though if you’ve came here in search of polar ice cap stories and in depth analysis of the energy crisis you need more help than I can give…

    Tragic. I remember the days when online trolls were funny.

  4. LMAO…Macca is such retard.

    Hello, this is M O D E L S . C O M!

    That’s what it is all about!

    Oh, love red hair on Coco Rocha! Go girl!

  5. there’ll only ever be one red-head in my book, olga sherer. amazing. its a shame mr meisel has turned her brunette. great shame.

  6. Janelle, I’m glad you tell them what’s what! You made me laugh but you tell the truth!

    PS: this year’s VSFS show suck!!!

  7. jadore to coco rocha.. ididnt know that she was a red hed before??? but she is so breathaking.. her face is one of the most beautiful faces in the high fashion industry… she kinda looks like kareN elSOn..

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