1. I think a shot of Isabeli on the beach would have been a better a cover than the one of kate.

  2. She carved a niche in modern Fashion. Always consistently great. She’s a modern Iconic Supermodel

  3. one of the best editorial of Isabeli that i’ve seen.. she is a goddess! thanks for posting it! it was totally worth of your homepage 🙂

  4. If a Greek Goddess looked down from Olympus, she would be insanely jealous of this mortal!!

  5. Stunning!!!!! She is the best today!!!!!!and thank God she is not among the starving Beauties

  6. I think isabelli is one of the most beautiful faces all time. I think the reason why she never cracked the Top 3 ( Gisele, Karolina, Adriana ) is that because she doesnt have the drive or determination to be on Top. She seemed like happy and contented to do a steady Job.
    I think that if she was determined and knowledgeable of fashion she could be on TOP.

  7. Definitely, the brazilian models (men and woman) are THE BEST. They’re always naturally sexy e and gorgeous.Look at Isabeli! so perfect! That’s why i fly to Brazil every year…just to see beautiful and sexy people.

  8. she is stunning! I love her beautiful unique bone structure! simply amazing. Like Gisele she can pull off high fashion and sexy so effortlessly. never just one or the other like many other brazilian models out there.

  9. Great story, great stylist and she is really beautiful ! i can to say ” BRAVO ” to her agent, ERIC DUBOIS from Silent ! Good job,

    james x

  10. Happy 27th Birthday to our modern icon, Miss Isabeli Fontana!!!

    Your fans love you, bella!!!

  11. Obsessed! Obsessed! Obsessed!

    VS fashion show 2010. Isabeli brought the house down.!!!

    Her Game On performance was on fire, the Girl is n’sync!!!

    She had a “moment ” and words can’t describe…….

    What do you think?

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