1. love christy; like the editorial; dislike the cover. the photoshopping makes her look hard. why mess with perfect proportions?

  2. what a boring editorial! shame on them!
    love W dearly but this is shit! and what a bad pick for the cover image!!! christy looks stiff and unnatural. so unflattering!!

  3. Purrrfection! She and Paulina Porizkova are my all-time favorite models. Smart, beautiful and healthy models.

  4. Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Stephanie, Claudia and now Christy.

    They’re all BACK!!!

    If someone could just get Tatyana back in the game we’d have a full set.

  5. This cover is stunning. The editorial is nice. Doesn’t need to be something super and spectacular every single time. It’s a normal modeling job…Super or not. she is a model being a model.

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