1. The editorial looks great! Ciara looks fabulous. Manuel R. and Emil Dostovic, also Givenchy regulars should be mentioned as well!

  2. Oh no! I didn’t even know its Ciarra. I thought its a dark Italian woman. Or another hot Black newcomer.

    She looks Fabulous!

  3. this is awesome, I´d love to see Dafne’s strong features, she one of those misterious models that we keep asking for…

  4. dayum! Initially I had no idea it was Ciara until a few shots later. Love it! She looks great and Nessman is killing it yet again.

  5. @karo you can never see dafnes face…

    if you go to her page there isnt one straight on, ever…
    id say 98% of them are covered in veils

  6. WOW, these image of Ciara looks great and not those cheesy fashion photoshoot that other Celebes does for fashion mag. I think fashion is her true calling as her sing career is not doing so great.

  7. No way!!!!! She is so breathtaking in those photos. The chemistry between her and Simon is amazing!

  8. Good Editorial ! incroyable, profond ! et extraodinaire Ricardo Tisci ,

    Good job,


  9. @blank You can actually see Dafne’s face in the complete photograph and let me tell you, She’s stunning and She stands out more than Ciara, I think that’s why mdc cut the image.

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