1. Alessandra is getting bigger than ever (and bigger in the good way ha!). She’s so fashionable right know. I love this cover so chic and uber and now I can’t wait for her Moschino campaign!

  2. wow, it seems like VS models are in high demand now,
    we got doutzen in VR, Alessandra in VN, next we might see miranda in VP…
    I guess I&V are giving strong support to those VS models…
    congrats for the return of curve.


  3. This is it folks!!! We are indeed upon a new generation of Supers. Just like the 90s girls, the current bevy of girls are doing the ‘crossover’ thing really well, and in big ways. Aside from impending FW10 campaign contributions (think Prada, Loewe, Balenciaga, Moschino); Vogue Spain for Adriana, Miranda on iD, Doutzen gets VR, and this strikingly beautiful cover of Ale (as we’ve never seen her) for Nippon, reflects a new aesthetic in fashion. It is so excited to see how far the industry has gotten from the baby-doll face mid-00s thing. Alessandra is leading the pack right now (IMO).

    Btw, I never noticed how strong her face was either. I can so see her rocking a short cut.

  4. now now wouldnt compare it to the 90s girls! lol Alessandra does look super duper hot. Im loving the cover. rule the fashion mags and covers and campaigns every month and season, then we’ll talk 90s’.

  5. You want the return of 90’s Supermodels? Look no further, The VS Armies are ready to take over…..

  6. please let this be the sign of return of the supermodel!!! i want them back!!!! and i need some american supermodels as well as black supermodels in demand as well

  7. oh Nadia nothing wrong with longer thin faces. espcially for models. no one really wants short fat chipmunk faces with no bone structure lol. AND Just because models do some runway here and there and get 1 Vogue cover doesnt mean supermodels are back LMAO. we will see what they can do with it…The 90s supers were already fashions and world wide superstars by the VS models ages…its long gone. sorry

  8. Exactly brazil! But to take VS girls who have never really made a name for themselves in high-fashion, and expose them to campaigns, covers, and edits is indicative of that ‘super’ appeal that the 90s girls had. Kinda in reverse though. Starting last fall with the S/S shows, SEVERAL VS GIRLS who have never done anything but VS, SI, and maybe lingerie, underwear, or high-end commercial ads have stepped into a different realm, almost reinventing themselves. Ale, Adriana, etc. have become househod names via VS, and this ‘sudden transition’ could very well platform them to the same status. (almost) The exciting part is seeing how far they go with it all. (This cover of Ale iis just to good for just one, no?)

  9. Sexy,hot and rockS!! She is everywhere now.
    Japan Vogue is so interesting than other.
    She has the same pose as Doutzen in Vogur Rusian.

  10. She looks absolutely amazing! What a girl! Can not wait to see her Loewe and Moschino campaign!

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