A Tale of Two Terrys

Terry Richardson takes Doutzen Kroes in two very different directions with their recent collaborations. For Vogue Russia’s cover, Terry shows Doutzen dirtied up and looking dangerous as part of his sex portfolio, but tones it down for Vogue US with a sweet beach story. Which look do you prefer – sexy or sweet?


Terry and Doutzen for Vogue Russia | Scan by Never Drink Again @ tFS



Terry & Doutzen for Vogue US

  1. dont think im an american conservative liking only the “cute and holy” stuff or something!

    im european and i must say that i really like the vogue us photos much more. in the sex editorial and on the cover doutzen just looks cheap and the photos are so boring!

    at least thats what i think of those photos posted…

  2. @ Joe

    You said “People need to stop hiring Terry Richardson .Period”

    But when we follow the link to your site, the first image we see was shot by Terry Richardson. Yeah… umm…. we know you didn’t hire him for your amazing blog but if you’re going to hate on the guy, you should probably at least consider the idea of NOT using his work on your blog.

  3. Ugh how can someone so out of this world pretty look like this.T. Richardson is ridiculously overrated. Wake up minions! Move on.

  4. Agreeed. All of terry richardsons photo’s are trashy theres nothing compelling about his photos or even talent. i thought i was the only one who thought he was overrated!

  5. Terry consistently takes very raw and natural images filled with personality. One of my favorite photographers.

    I don’t like the cover but I love the pics where Doutzen is smiling.

  6. dont like either. mostly because of terry, and i feel as if doutzen has lost her full model potential (at least i havent seen it in years!) sad with such a beautiful girl. commercial is definitely her route these days and I can see why. its like her face roundness is overtaking her pretty little delicate features. do not like. that doesnt photograph well imo. where is the bone structure???!!

  7. Doutzen look like a pretty regular girl who wears a lot of make up. She looks healthy too. Yeah.

    In Vogue Russia, they slapped her with a lot of eye make up to achieve the “sexy” look. But who wears those eye make up at the beach? Maybe the Russians?

    US Vogue tried to cover up her Body…..why bother, is Natasha Poly not available?

  8. these are both so so boring, i used to think terry did terry well, now other people take terry pictures better than terry!! this looks cheap and has no imagination, doutzen is so much more beautiful than how she has been “captured” here

  9. Only like the Vogue US ed. shades would have made it even better. VR no. not the best look. Terry should be kept to publications such as blender and maxim.

  10. terry has a great knack for getting his subjects to look playful and comfortable – like he’s shooting friends he’s known for years. i think both eds are great and doutzen looks awesome!

  11. She is beautiful but doesn’t look like a model anymore.
    Terry’s work is good and bad sometime, depends on the clients.

  12. Doutzen is amazing and I like Terry’s simplistic look. Most people couldn’t do half as good.

  13. Like Doutzen but not Terry’s photography bc it doesn’t seem to progress, its always the same old same old and I don’t think that has to do with it being his ‘signature’ bc others like Miesel, Sorrenti, etc. have progress throw times and still maintained their signature style without every picture looking the same

  14. i can hardly recognize doutzen in the Vogue cover
    i don’t know..but the expressions and the poses don’t work for me.

  15. @GP

    You’re right. Her beauty is way too healthy to belong to a model. She just looks like a flat-out gorgeous girl.

  16. Her and Hillary Rhoda grew up to be gorgeous regular commercial girls, which ain’t bad since they Bank on that!

  17. Anyone notice how Doutzen and Alessandra have the SAME exact pose for their latest international Vogue covers? How creative, LOL.

  18. LOVE DOUTZEN…. hate terry

    I would love to see her being the HF model she was, I mean, I still love her but she just was the queen of the catwalks

  19. the US looks better in my opinion.. the russian cover looks a bit hideous.. yeah bad terry.. he is really great most of the time though

  20. Well anyone who actually likes Scarry Richardson’s photos had better by two copies because Vogue has finally gotten some balls and dropped that loser.

  21. I read Tavi’s post & the one Tavi’s recommended here

    They hit the nail HARD ON THE HEAD

    *FASHION MAGAZINES* need to stop peddling his porn & it’s sad that so few people are talking …. it’s like we should wear our “touched by terry” tshirts and shut the f*ck up

  22. thats really sad that some 14 yr old is blogging about a sexual predator/photographer on the internet.

    Terry is about T&A. He is delusional and thinks he is pushing boundaries when he is really acting out his own predatory desires. The photos are about a desperate photographer trying to achieve status thru exploitation.

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