10 Heads by Daniel Peddle

As the 2009 campaigns and editorials come flying in, it’s always a treat to see which of the top new faces of the S/S09 show season converted their show buzz into the coveted printwork. Casting director Daniel Peddle made these predictions back in August for the current issue of 10 magazine. Look for your favorite brand new face!

10 heads for 10 Magazine. Polaroids by Daniel Peddle

  1. Yulia Kharlapanova looks too much like Eva Mendes, I really can’t stand the look.

    Evalina Mambetova, Diana F and Katrin look great!

  2. jes!! these polaroids make those poor girls look so unattractive!!!! in the second set with their eyes half open they pass more for homeless or drugged then ten top newcomers…i know the polaroid is hard to come by but come on.. spend some more on it!!

  3. polas are made to see the actual shape of the face. no smilin’… no frownin’… its not a covershot! the word reality is mentioned in the text above. check the meaning and loose that eyes wide open botox glaze illusion s.v.p.

    great faces !!!

  4. they do look rather un flattering poor Yuila in the first row second page looks sleepy it doesn her no justice!!

  5. trumancapote and paula are idiots. If a girl can shine in a poloroid she’ll be amazing in a proper shoot. Poloroids are an invaluable tool to the industry.

  6. ^julia goncharenko at elite… in my opinion a poor choice for this piece, she looks out of place among these great faces. i LOVE evelina and liu.

  7. NO diversity… it gets on my nerves. What the hell, people need to open their eyes. I’m tired of seeing the same look every season, dosen’t bore anyone else but me???????

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