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Fashion and film are intrinsically linked and no one knows this better than the dream team of Peter Lindbergh and Malgosia Bela. In addition to being an iconic photographer Lindbergh is also an accomplished director and when Malgosia isn’t appearing in edits and campaigns she can be found acting. Who better to bring a uniquely cinematic vision to Vogue Italia than these two multi-hyphenates?

Many editorials dazzle us with enticing imagery but few give viewers a fully realized story. For VI, Lindbergh draws inspiration from the saturated cinematography and gritty realism of 70s film to create a slice of life tale of a mother and son. Think of it as a pret a porter retelling of ‘Alice Doesn’t Live Here Any More’ – we’re sure Scorsese would approve.

Malgosia Bela by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia | Scans by Diciassette at tFS

  1. the 3rd image, is just beyond .. Malgosia shows there is more to modelling then just standing in front of the camera..

  2. perfection! it’s amazing she goes for awhile then leaves comeback bigger and sexiness, then away she goes again, then she’s back, then she goes and she’s back with industry still gluess to her. I love to see her in a BOND-like movie.

  3. Is this referencing something? If so I’d like to know what movie!

    Maybe these pictures are BETTER than the movie!

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