1. Gisele is a true super sexy high fashion icon. Meranda should take a look and take note, because this ex-VS angel really KNOWS HOW TO MODEL.

  2. ohhh..people..if her name wasn’t Gisele…you would just say…”shes nice…shes ok…nice model……..” etc.etc…Gisele is a very good model who could make it…that is it…there are lots of same quality girls around the planet…but life is just like that…good for her but be realistic plz…

  3. cellero, what is your point by “be realistic”?
    Nobody here is saying there aren´t other great models around.Same quality? Not sure.
    And I don´t think you can speak for me when you say I would post a different thing if her name was not Gisele.
    Why do you think Gisele has achieved what she did? Certainly it is not because she is just a good model,just an ok model or just a nice model. Not at all.

  4. Marcos…i did not say that she is just ok, or just nice…i said that people would say it looking at this cover photo if she wasn’t Gisele….i just don’t agree this “ass kissing” attitude…She achived what she did because life is like that…she is good enough to be a supermodel..and she was at a right place at a right time…knowing the right people…and those people and this business always need some NR1…to me it does not mean that no one can be even close to her..just one name for example..Chanel Iman..she is better..to me

  5. Oh, she was at the right place at the right time and met the right people?
    A model can do all this and still fail in this business.
    It all about talent. Or you have or you don´t.
    Yeah, I agree that “people in this business always need some Nº 1 but note that so many girls were taken to that category since Gisele showed up but they are all eclipsed but the next one in a few months and Gisele is still there demanding like her early years.
    And I am sorry but I don´t call it “ass liking”. Some other great models get the same kind of comments: Kate Moss, Lara Stone, natasha Poly, Raquel Z. I call it recognition.
    About Chanel Iman she is a great model, classy and very sweet (saw her in Brazil)but she is not in Gisele´s league. IMO.

  6. Cellero can you explain why all those people in the bussiness haven´t put another “it” girl on the map? None of the girls have been at the right place in the right time? if the success of the models it´s a question of being at the right place or time, and knowing the right people, being a good, or talented model are useless, don´t you think?

  7. Ixca..hello…they just should not say nr1 to any of those models…no one of them can be so much better than the best ones…there is not such of thing as nr1….just a making up for business matters…there are so many perfect model in this business, every day comes a new one…Gisele is like one of them , maybe no one is better than her but she is not better then the top 10…20….To Marcos i gave a name..to you i give you an other one..Jennifer Lamiraqui…go had and say that she is far from Gisele…like Chanel Iman..not to me..

  8. The matter with you cellero is: you haven´t got arguments to discuss, your argument is “I like it, I don´t like it”

  9. I have no idea who Jennifer Lamiraqui is.
    And as far as I am concerned about fashion models she is probably she is no match to Gisele either.
    But that is ok, Cellero. It ONLY my opinion.

  10. Lovely pic, I agree with the person Giselle is hot(and love her) but there are other women hotter, she just been placed on a pedestal. If you think Gisele was at the right place at the right time, what they hell you gonna say about kate moss? lol

  11. giselle i love you girl, you are to die for but jeniel she the bomb she rocked the love cover with her etheral beauty and unmatched model sophistication,jeniel rule ,rock on boo.

  12. Gisele is so gorgoeus.Not my fav cover ever, but I absolutely love her sexy + stunning face (and body!) she rules supreme for years and years. gotta love her for it! and dont say just because its gisele we all are “praising” her. do you realize because she is #1 she also has the most haters out there? her lovers gotta show her some love from time to time! haha If im not mistaken its the high fashion girls who get praised regardless of anything and everything they do. not Supers, not Gisele and not “commercial/sexy” girls.

  13. I am going to agree to a certain degree w/ cellero! I love Gisele. I’ve said before she is one of the reasons why I even became interested in fashion but this shot looks like something that could have been from an unused shoot five years ago. It’s the same look I’ve seen before! I guess after all these years I’m just wanting to see something ELSE from her.

    PS: Antonio, I hope you got those questions I emailed ya! 😉


  14. She looks mannish in the face here. Definitely still the best Supermodel in the World.

    PS: I love Jeneil’s cover and spread. She looks like Happiness.

  15. she is so beautiful. Gisele just has to pose these days, her experimental days are over. althjough im sure she can still pull off any kind of modeling as proven in the past, but yeah nice cover overall. nothing groundbreaking. she is such a natural beauty

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