Wish You Were Here

With her pristine looks and Aussie charm Abbey Lee Kershaw, is the perfect poster child for the merits of beach living. Mario Sorrenti captures Abbey frolicking along sandy shores looking as carefree as ever for Vogue Italia. It’s this joie de vivre that has turned Abbey into a superstar – remember this time last year when MDC introduced you to the fresh faced Aussie with loads of charm? The momentum hasn’t stopped since and Abbey is showing no signs of slowing down.

Abbey Lee (Next) by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia

  1. the young lady “Abbey” is probably a magnificient creature in real but in my opinion on pics she hasn’t got what it takes to become a supermodel …anyway god that I am not either a photographer or a stylist for her career!!!

  2. she getting there, but they’re apting her up too early in sexy stuff. I think looked out of place for this year’s VS fashion show. it was early for her. She is not the Natalia V. You cant always have a baby-faced girl in a pinup, that only comes around every so often. Abbey right now needs to be put into development for editorial and less sexy right now. Look at Anne.V they doing the same to her, then she disappeared for a while and Bam, she is back with the face and body matching each other. that was smart. Abbey, needs that too or maybe more editorials that has not too overtly sexy. She can’t carry that yet.

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