Provocative & Evocative

Jeneil Williams is a force of nature, look at her latest cover of i-D and the accompanying story and you will see just why she is one of the girls of the moment. The energy, sensuality and grace that she brings to Daniel Jackson‘s images is unparalleled; Marie Chaix‘s provocative styling is brought to life by Jeneil’s expressive movements, no one else works it in quite the same way she does. and seeing her do her thing in editorials is an absolute joy.






  1. cant wait to some ppl star taking about that there is somethig racist about this.
    me. i like it =)

  2. Wurrrrrk Gurl, a girl who gives her all, love the movement, the colors, the light.


  3. My fav of all 3 covers.. sexy edit.. i want to see more of Jeneil if that is possible after this and her LOVE cover. 🙂 me likey.

  4. Love this cover, it has all the spirit of an early 90’s i-D cover, bold and in your face.

    Well done guys.

  5. SEX! SEX! SEX! Loving the energy. She has some amazing breast. By far the best cover of the three.

  6. I personally do not like when they make models reveal their breasts in editorials and campaigns! Total dislike!

  7. She’s truly beautiful. I love this girl ever since she bared all in that LOVE magazine alongside current Supermodels. Janeil is perfect beauty with raw sensuality and energy.

  8. Now this Janeil I like… sans the second images. She is incredibly expressive and exuberant. The first and third images are just classic and that cover shot…Total POW!

    @Lily, I too am experiencing quite the Ubah drought! I don’t know why that gorgeous woman isn’t in every single magazine. Ubah looks as if she carries a back pocket full of the most illustrious stars. She fascinates beyond words.

  9. Jeneil owned this story, the movement, that smile..

    Amazing ! Flying the flag for jamaica

  10. Wow i adore you jeniel, in jamaica you are the epitomie of a true jamaican love magazine cover was fierce and now this .girl this has catapulted your modelness into supernova.jamaica to de wurl wayne seh dat straight.

  11. Janeil’s energy is fantastic! Love the movement, love the photography, love the expression, the styling..this is an ace editorial if ever there was one. Bravo! Although..the cover shot I’d have to say is the weakest of the bunch. But way to make up for it!

  12. I think it is gratifying to see a woman tastefully embracing her body! If men can bare their chests, why can’t we as women? I think it’s great that she isn’t trying to do this for men, but for a women’s fashion editorial…besides her body isn’t a body…its a piece of ART!!!!

  13. My goodness…I haven’t been this excited about model-related news since the supermodel era!

  14. Jeneil is giving IT..she is exuberant, she is doing her job and i couldn’t find a better person for this editorial. Naturally passionate. GO JENIEL!!!

  15. Wow!!! Great skin….GREAT body!!! She’s beautifull, veru energetic pics… 2 thumps up!

  16. wow all these praises for jeniel the fierce beauty from jamaica,the girl who back in high school in jamaica we all knew had the most model potential ,also the girl most likely to succeed.jeniel we also knew you could do anything and everything and this id cover is just genius,the way you evocate sexy is phenomenon.

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