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Muse Magazine

October 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Paul Wetherell
Model: Rolf
September 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Tung Walsh
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Sara Gilmour
Hair Stylist: Hiroshi Matsushita
Makeup Artist: Georgina Graham
Manicurist: Sasha Goddard
Producer: Fabio Mayor
September 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Sean and Seng
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Samia Giobellina
Hair Stylist: Franziska Presche
Makeup Artist: Gemma Smith-Edhouse
Manicurist: Jenni Draper
September 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Luca Campri
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Samia Giobellina
Hair Stylist: Paolo Soffiatti
Makeup Artist: Giulia Cigarini
September 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Jeff Henrikson
Fashion Editor/Stylist: John Colver
Hair Stylist: Evanie Frausto
Makeup Artist: Kuma
Set Designer: Alice Martinelli
Casting Director: David Chen
March 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Paolo Zerbini
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Michelle Cameron
Makeup Artist: Eny Whitehead
Casting Director: Cicek Yusuf
Model: Topsy
March 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Sam Nixon
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Elly Mcgaw
Hair Stylist: Tsuki
Makeup Artist: Allie Smith
Casting Director: Alexandra Antonova
March 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Paul Wetherell
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Alexander Picon
Hair Stylist: Neil Moodie
Manicurist: Liia Zotova
February 2023 (Editorial)
Photographer: Jo Metson Scott
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Monika Tatalovic