Question: How does protect my privacy and safety?

Modeling Agencies scouting through our model search system do not have direct access to your contact information. When anyone contacts you using either our Participating Agencies model search system or the Open Search, you will receive a notice through (not directly from the agency or person contacting you) and you will be able to decide to respond to this particular contact or to ignore it. If you decline to respond the agency or person contacting you will not receive any other additional personal contact information about you.
(Please be aware that our safety verification of agencies only applies to the Participating Agencies that contact you through the online model search system. When you receive a notice from a Participating Agency it will only be displayed when you log in at or higlighted in yellow in your Open Search contact page. Any other contact you receive, including from other members on our forums or through your email or though any other means, are not from verified modeling agencies and you should use common sense and caution when responding to or meeting with them.