VFiles F/W 14 Show

client: VFiles
source: forums.thefashionspot.com
published: February 2014

In this picture:

Alexander Barna

Other people in this show:

Abiah Hostvedt - Model

Adam Kaszewski - Model

Aine O'Gorman - Model

Alessio Pozzi - Model

Anna Nevala - Model

Anniek Kortleve - Model

Bianca Gittens - Model

Branko Maselj - Model

Darya Kurovska - Model

Diandra Forrest - Model

Hildie Gifstad - Model

I-Hua Wu - Model (Closed)

Iesha Hodges - Model (Opened)

Lyoka Tyagnereva - Model

Mengmeng Wei - Model

Mey Bun - Model

Michael Sharp - Model

Ona Marija - Model

Tomo Kurata - Model

Yu Fangqing - Model

Companies associated with this show:

Production Company: Navia Vision

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