Various Editorials

The Models Diary by Daniel Rodrigues

client: Various Editorials
published: Spring/Summer 2013

In this picture:

Ben Lark

Credits for this picture:

Daniel Rodrigues (Photographer)

Stefano Roncato (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Other people in this editorial:

Andrea Bellisario - Model

Beau Buckley - Model

Frederik Meijnen - Model

Jacob Adolfsson - Model

Jan Purski - Model

Laurin Krausz - Model

Luca Jamal - Model

Nikolai Danielsen - Model

Onnys Aho - Model

Otto Pierce - Model

Pawel Binczak - Model

Philip Reimers - Model

Ricardo Figueiredo - Model

Rodolphe Zanforlini - Model

Simon Kotyk - Model

Stefan Knezevic - Model

Victor Gorincioi - Model

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