The Wild Magazine F/W 13 Covers (Eniko by Michael Beauplet, Reece by Cecile Bortoletti)

client: The Wild Magazine

Magazine Cover Credits:

Cecile Bortoletti - Photographer

Michael Beauplet - Photographer

Guillaume Boulez - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Rachel Gilman - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Yoichi Tomizawa - Hair Stylist

Hung Vanngo - Makeup Artist

Eniko Mihalik - Model

Reece Sanders - Model

In this picture:

Reece Sanders

Credits for this picture:

Cecile Bortoletti (Photographer)

Guillaume Boulez (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

In this picture:

Eniko Mihalik

Credits for this picture:

Michael Beauplet (Photographer)

Rachel Gilman (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Yoichi Tomizawa (Hair Stylist)

Hung Vanngo (Makeup Artist)