The Ones 2 Watch: New Wave

Why So Serious? by Dennis Weber

client: The Ones 2 Watch: New Wave
published: April 2013

In this picture:

Paul Boche

Credits for this picture:

Dennis Weber (Photographer)

Other people in this editorial:

Constantin - Model

Edward Wilding - Model

Elliot Vulliod - Model

Emilio Flores - Model

Hao Yun Xiang - Model

Jorrit Berndsen - Model

Lucas Mascarini - Model

Malte Paulsen - Model

Marlon Teixeira - Model

Olli Greb - Model

Paul Koehler - Model

Riccardo Mora - Model

Roger Dupé - Model

Sebastian Hallqvist - Model

Simon Kuzmickas - Model

Taras Koltun - Model

Thorben Gartner - Model

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