The Ones 2 Watch: New Wave

Legion by Alexandre Valerio

client: The Ones 2 Watch: New Wave
published: August 2013

In this picture:

Travis Cannata

Credits for this picture:

Audie Umali (Art Director)

Misha Shahzada (Makeup Artist)

Other people in this editorial:

Akuol De Mabior - Model

Austin Hall - Model

Binx Walton - Model

Charlotte Wiggins - Model

Conrad Bromfield - Model

Dominique Hollington - Model

Dylan Fosket - Model

Grace Gao - Model

Hao Yun Xiang - Model

Jacobo Cuesta - Model

Jakob Wiechmann - Model

Josefien Rodermans - Model

Lily Zhi - Model

Lina Zhang - Model

Liza Golden - Model

Malcolm De Ruiter - Model

Maria Borges - Model

Nur Hellmann - Model

Roberta Narciso - Model

Satoshi Toda - Model

Shanina Shaik - Model

Steffi Soede - Model

Sung Jin Park - Model

Tess Hellfeuer - Model

Thijs Meulenbelt - Model

Tian Yi - Model

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