Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland Men S/S 12 Show (Lowell opened, Paul closed)

client: Pringle of Scotland
published: June 2011

Credits for this picture:

Jason Hughes (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Other people in this show:

Angus Munro for AM Casting - Casting Director

Noah Shelley for AM Casting - Casting Director

Adnan Djinovic - Model

Adrien Sahores - Model

Arthur Daniyarov - Model

Bastiaan Van Gaalen - Model

Benoni Loos - Model

Demy Matzen - Model

Gordon Bothe - Model

Jacob Coupe - Model

James Smith - Model

Johannes Niermann - Model

Jordan Postrel - Model

Lowell Tautchin - Model

Martin Landgreve - Model

Paul Boche - Model

Robin Ahrens - Model

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