Frankie Morello

Frankie Morello Men S/S 12 Show (Leebo opened)

client: Frankie Morello
published: June 2011

In this picture:

Peter Bruder

Other people in this show:

Piergiorgio Del Moro - Casting Director

Alexander Johansson - Model

Alexandre Cunha - Model

Francisco Lachowski - Model

Jacob Coupe - Model

Jakob Wiechmann - Model

Jamie Wise - Model

Josh Tuckley - Model

Leebo Freeman - Model

Malthe Lund Madsen - Model

Oskar Tranum - Model

Philipp Bierbaum - Model

Reid Prebenda - Model

Sebastian Sauvé - Model

Sid Ellisdon - Model

Simon Nessman - Model

Thomas Hoefnagels - Model

Vladimir Ivanov - Model

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