Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Spring 2013 Presentation (1st 2 images courtesy of CK, others by Betty Sze for MDC)

client: Calvin Klein
published: November 2012

In this picture:

John Todd

Credits for this picture:

Kevin Carrigan (Designer)

Grant Woolhead (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Other people in this show:

Alex Michels - Model

Annabelle Tsaboukas - Model

Daria Popova - Model

Diana Khullina - Model

Florian Neuville - Model

Isaac Lindsay - Model

Joe Collier - Model

John Hein - Model

Jonathan Nielssen - Model

Josephine Skriver - Model

Kayley Chabot - Model

Lauren Bigelow - Model

Louise Parker - Model

Milana Kruz - Model

Nykhor Paul - Model

Simon Van Meervenne - Model

Tom Barker - Model

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