Tracey Nicholson

Fashion Editor/Stylist


Dazed & Confused

Safety Last: Donatella Versace vs. JW An...
Dazed & Confused (Editorial)
published: August 2013
photographer: Michael Avedon
The Preserving Machine
Dazed & Confused (Editorial)
published: June 2012
photographer: Gregory Harris
The Collections Spring Summer Twenty Twe...
Dazed & Confused (Editorial)
published: March 2012
photographers: KT Auleta, Jason Kibbler, Richard Burbridge, Terry Tsiolis, Sean and Seng, Can Evgin, Ben Toms, William Selden, Gareth McConnell, Amy Troost, Andreas Larsson, Alex Sainsbury, Pierre Debusschere, Michael Hemy, Roe Ethridge, Scott Trindle, Julia Hetta, Colin Dodgson, Hanna Putz
Inner Strength (with models Eban and Chr...
Dazed & Confused (Editorial)
published: October 2010
photographer: Kevin Amato

Dazed & Confused (Japan)

Cole and Yuri by Cameron
Dazed & Confused (Japan) (Editorial)
published: October 2010
photographer: Cameron Krone


anonymous was a woman
Dossier (Editorial)
published: April 2012
photographer: Joachim Mueller Ruchholtz

Fat Magazine

It's Oh So Quiet
Fat Magazine (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2014
photographer: Amy Troost


Super Heroes
Mixte (Editorial)
published: February 2014
photographer: Carlotta Manaigo
Force Field
Mixte (Editorial)
season: Spring/Summer 2012
photographer: Jacob Sutton

Muse Magazine

New Confidence
Muse Magazine (Editorial)
published: December 2012
photographer: Philip Gay