Miranda Almond

Ph: Alasdair McLellan, Cedric Buchet | Are you Tomboy or Vamp?

Fashion Editor/Stylist




Xiao Wen by Laura
Elle China (Editorial)
published: September 2012
photographer: Laura Sciacovelli
London Calling
British Vogue (Editorial)
published: May 2012
photographer: Ben Morris
Inner City
Muse Magazine (Editorial)
published: March 2012
photographer: Guy Aroch
Kendra and Jack Curd by Mariano
Vogue Russia (Editorial)
published: February 2012
photographer: Mariano Vivanco
Pacific Heights
American Vogue (Editorial)
published: December 2011
photographer: Scott Trindle
Style File Julia Sarr-Jamois
British Vogue (Editorial)
published: October 2011
photographer: Jason Bell
Super Size Me
British Vogue (Editorial)
published: September 2011
photographer: Paul Wetherell
Midi Town
British Vogue (Editorial)
published: August 2011
photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Now and Then
British Vogue (Editorial)
published: June 2011
photographer: Robin Derrick
Clean Cut
British Vogue (Editorial)
published: May 2011
photographer: Ben Weller