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October 10th, 2013 by betty
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As we enter the campaign season that’s furiously shooting right this moment, the top men’s faces and the newbies vie to be the most wanted male models of 2014. Saverio Cardia shoots his signature intimate portraits of some of our favorite guys from Top 50 and the Hot List. For all the portraits, shot here exclusively for models.com, click here.

Anatol Modzelewski

Dominik Bauer

Florian Van Bael

Janis Ancens

Matthew Bell

Ton Heukels

October 10th, 2013 by models.com
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Christy Turlington by Kassia Maedor

As one of the most socially conscious individuals in fashion, Christy Turlington sets the standard for models with a mission. On Monday guests gathered in Macy’s Herald Square to hear Turlington and Editor in Chief of Glamour, Cindi Leive discuss Turlington’s storied fashion career and her role as founder of Every Mother Counts, a non-profit focused on reducing maternal mortality worldwide. The Calvin Klein sponsored event offered a window into Turlington’s activism and the importance of issues surrounding maternal mortality.

Following her 2010 directorial debut, No Woman No Cry, which dealt with the subject of at risk pregnancies via the personal stories of four women in different corners of the world, Christy felt compelled to take things one step further. The film which chronicled the issue of birth in a Maasai tribe in Tanzania, an impoverished area in Bangladesh, a post abortion care ward in Guatemala and a United States prenatal care unit was met with accolades from critics, but Turlington wished to do even more to raise awareness. This led to the founding of, Every Mother Counts which aims to spread the message and also improve the health and well being of girls and women across the globe.

For more information, please visit everymothercounts.org.


Turlington and Glamour’s Cindi Leive in conversation / photo Melodie Jeng for Models.com


Every Mother Counts in action.


October 9th, 2013 by models.com
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Devon Windsor

American beauty Devon Windsor has wrapped up a pristine season – Prada, Helmut Lang, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Chanel and more, an impressive list by any standards but what makes Devon special is the way in which multiple insiders have taken to her. Ask casting directors and stylists who their favorite new face was and you’re like to to hear the name Windsor. After a stellar SS14 Devon is ready for the editorial pages – the only question is who will get ahold of her first!

October 8th, 2013 by models.com
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October 7th, 2013 by models.com
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Photos Oroma Elewa for Models.com

As a model, actress and blogger rising star Jodie Smith is making her mark on the fashion world in a one of a kind way. We caught up with the bi-costal beauty fresh off her stint on HBO’s hit, True Blood to talk modeling, acting and the perhaps the most star studded discovery story ever.

How did you get your start in modeling?

JODIE: Interestingly enough, what pushed me to start modeling was an encounter I had in Pittsburgh. I was backstage with some friends of mine who worked with N.E.R.D at one of their shows and was introduced to Pharrell. At the time I was looking to pursue a career in writing and told him as such. He told me that I needed to be in front of a camera, and proceeded to call a friend of his who was in the industry. That moment wasn’t necessarily a “be all end all moment”, what struck me about it was that here was a perfect stranger so excited and insistent upon me pursuing this idea that I knew nothing about and never thought I could before. It inspired me to believe in myself. A month later, I moved to Los Angeles, walked into NEXT Model Management and booked my first job, a Levi’s campaign.

How is acting different from modeling?

JODIE: I think that anyone who models understands that being in front of the camera requires a bit of acting. In so many ways, you’re playing a role, though it is definitely a simplified version of what you do on a stage or screen. With acting, the role you play isn’t about selling a product, and you have the chance to be much more creative. There is so much more preparation that goes into it and into creating your interpretation of the character that has been written. With modeling, you can get away with just being a silent pretty face. When you’re acting, you have to be more than that.


As a writer in addition to being a model, do you feel it gives you a unique perspective on fashion?

JODIE: Writing has been my outlet for as long as I can remember and it precedes my identity as a model–which basically means that before I was told I could make a living by appearing “attractive”, I was just an awkward book-worm crafting stories that came from the world inside my head. Actually, I’m still an awkward book-worm crafting stories that come from the world inside my head! I think that aspect of me gives me a perspective that is equal parts cerebral and creative. It is also gives me a unique ability to commit all of the colorful characters and experiences I’ve encountered to a very humorous story in the book I’ll write when I get older!

What was your experience on True Blood like?

JODIE: I’m still reeling from that fact that my first acting experience was on one of my favorite shows! While getting covered in fake blood from head to toe wasn’t the most comfortable costume, I had such an amazing time working on the show. Stephen Moyer is a great actor and director, and he directed the first episode that I did. He was also the only character throughout the season who could see my character, so the aspect of haunting him in a sense was a really fun role to play! I don’t know how my poor dad is gonna react to me being a naked vampire, but it hasn’t aired yet in the UK, so I’ve got time to break it to him!


October 7th, 2013 by models.com
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Irina Liss

This statuesque Russian has established herself amongst the SS14 runway elite after walking Prada, Dior, Lanvin, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, McQueen and Celine. No easy feat for a newcomer to the scene, but Irina Liss’ high cheek bones and glacial stare demonstrate her fashionable pedigree.

October 7th, 2013 by models.com
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See the story on Another Magazine and the F/W 13 collection from Iris & Ink at the Outnet

The chic styles of Iris & Ink play a starring role in internationally acclaimed director, Laurence Ellis’ film for Another Magazine. With Maria Loks taking up the camera and shooting her own experiences whilst wearing Iris & Ink’s stylish designs, ‘Or Maybe Just Happy’ offers an adventurous break from the typical fashion film. Ellis showcases Maria at her most introspective sharing her thoughts and capturing the beauty of her own reflection on the sides of greenhouses and on the bustling streets of London. AnOther’s fashion editor Agata Belcen styles Maria in the F/W 13 collection from Iris & Ink, the Outnet’s in house edit of trend conscious essentials. Experience the film in this sponsored post in partnership with AnotherMag.

October 4th, 2013 by models.com
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October 4th, 2013 by models.com
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Ine Neefs

After a pristine SS14, this Belgian beauty is destined for top tier editorial. With her nymph like beauty and wide eyes, it is no surprise Milan and Paris took notice, casting her in Jil Sander, Valentino, Balenciaga and Dior. Keep an eye on this one as we see how runway castings translate post show season.

October 4th, 2013 by models.com
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Hemingway, jazz, the social scene at the Cotton Club, these were the 1930s reference points that Maiyet founder and creative director, Kristy Caylor mentioned when referring to the label’s spring collection. With notes like those one would expect a showing steeped in history, but the streamlined and stylish pieces that appeared on Caylor’s runway at the École des Beaux-Arts were firmly rooted in the now. Relaxed yet refined shirt dresses in delicate silk, metallic shorts and cropped tops that looked especially lovely in the open air setting, a series of transparent numbers that revealed just the right amount of skin – these are the types of pieces women crave. With Maiyet’s reputation for handcrafted, ethically made fashion’s these are also the types of luxury moments consumers can indulge in without feeling a tinge of guilt.

Text by Janelle Okwodu
Images courtesy of KCD


































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