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September 5th, 2014 by Janelle
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Photos by Julia Chesky for Models.com

New York fashion week got a taste of Paris style showmanship with last night’s Gareth Pugh Lexus Design Disrupted show. The combination fashion show, art installation, modern dance performance was eons away from NYFW’s typical runway showings and the change of pace was appreciated by the well-heeled crowd. Dance company Random Dance performed an energetic series of choreographed tributes to chaos that crackled with energy as large scale videos looped in the background. The effect resulted in full scale immersion into Pugh’s pagan and powerful spring/summer vision. Everyone from modeling stars like Amber Valletta and Coco Rocha to actress turned designer Sarah Jessica Parker stood in awe of the dramatic visuals and their larger than life presentation. All in all Design Disrupted made an instant impact – event that can make the fashion crowd express excitement, interest and even surprise and is sure to go down as one of the week’s best.












September 4th, 2014 by Janelle
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The second beauty in our #MDCGram series is the dynamic Grace Mahary / IMG (New York) a skilled catwalk regular and seasoned basketball player. Check out the divine Ms. Mahary’s hoop skills in this Kloss London short film that gives you 15 seconds of pure charm as Grace serves up fierce poses and a killer jump shot.

Directed by Kloss Films
Makeup by Sharon Sinclair
Hair by Goldie
Starring Grace Mahary

September 3rd, 2014 by models.com
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Ready, set, gram – Kloss Films gives you 15 seconds of your favorite top models off the clock and uncensored. First up – get a glimpse into the exuberant personality of Xiao Wen Ju / IMG (New York) , the always upbeat catwalker who brings a smile to every project. Stay tuned for even more beauties during NYFW as we update with exclusive instant moments and brand new grams.

Directed by Kloss Films
Makeup by Sharon Sinclair
Hair by Goldie
Starring Xiao Wen Ju

September 2nd, 2014 by models.com
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As one of the most remarkable models in recent memory Catherine McNeil is a longstanding favorite of designers and editors, is it any wonder then that Vogue Australia has dedicated an entire issue to hometown girl Cat and her enduring allure? See an exclusive preview in MDX.


September 2nd, 2014 by Janelle
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Cara & Kate by Mario Testino (Art Partner) for My Burberry fragrance

In inevitable model pairings news – Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne have joined forces for Burberry Prorsum‘s newest fragrance campaign. The duo fronts Mario Testino (Art Partner)’s ads for My Burberry, a vibrant floral scent developed by Francis Kurkdjian and meant to evoke the scent of a London Garden after the rain. Christopher Bailey described the blend as a “trenchcoat in a bottle” aka a versatile, mainstay scent that is as dependable as it is stylish.

The fragrance launch is of course only one part of Burberry’s push into the beauty market – Business of Fashion gives the scoop on the Burberry’s beauty ambitions.

Pushing makeup beyond the boundary lines – NY Times’ skin deep gets into how the look can work in real life rather than editorial.

One of fashion’s most beautiful women Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman shares her beauty and fitness routine with Harper’s Bazaar – yoga, Patricia Wexler and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc are all in the mix.

Brace your wallets Charlotte Tilbury (Art Partner)’s incredible range of cosmetics makes its American debut this week – the superstar makeup artist details her must haves from her range and how she created her own line.

August 25th, 2014 by models.com
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Self portrait, Topshop, London, 2013

Armed with a camera, a degree in photography from Bard and a knack for capturing ethereal moments behind the scenes Louise Parker is making a name for herself in front of and behind the camera. Fashion followers know Louise from her modeling work in the pages of mags like Dazed & Confused & V Magazine and on the runway for brands like Dior and Saint Laurent Paris, but she’s also a gifted photographer. Louise’s photographs offer a glimpse into the lives of models and a candid perspective on a business known for its artifice. Though her modeling schedule is busy Louise always makes time to bring her camera and capture evocative shots of her fellow models, the ambiance backstage and a few self-portraits for good measure. With an upcoming stint documenting NYFW for New York Magazine Louise kicks her photography career into high gear – MDC caught up with the multi-talented beauty to talk film vs. digital and what drew her to the other side of the camera.

When did you start taking pictures?

LOUISE: I guess I got really into taking pictures in high school – I was photo editor of our newspaper. When I went to college I took one photography course, then decided very quickly that it would be my major. So I studied photography for four years at Bard College.

Amazing school! Do you feel your knowledge of photography impacts the way you model?

LOUISE: That is one thing that people always ask me and i still haven’t really figured it out. People ask, “do you think that having a background in photography makes you a better model” and I can’t really answer that myself. I think it definitely makes me more curious and certainly more committed to getting the image right.

How did your current project begin?

LOUISE: When I signed with my first agency and began modeling I knew that i really wanted to document my experiences. Mostly because i wanted to keep up with photography and not lose that part of my life. That seemed like the perfect subject matter, I do take photographs while I’m on set, but obviously there is so much more going on backstage at shows. I always have my camera with me and I’m always taking photos. I’ve been doing that for about two years and trying to find an outlet to publish the photos, New York Magazine just picked them up so that was very exciting.


Anna, Chanel Cruise in Dubai, 2014


Zlata, Dior Couture in Hong Kong, 2014

What are some of your personal favorite images that you’ve taken?

LOUISE: Tough question! I guess I feel very lucky because I’m surrounded by beautiful girls – I’ve gotten to take some pretty amazing portraits. I have a huge crush on Anna Ewers so I really love the photo I took of her in the pool in Dubai. There’s a photo of Zlata at the Dior show which I also really love. Some of my self-portraits are interesting, I’m still trying to work on those as I think they can capture a different side of the modeling world as seen through a model’s eyes rather than through a photographer’s eyes.

The girls seem to open up to you in a way that they wouldn’t with a male photographer

LOUISE: I think it feels a bit more intimate and personal, also some of these girls are my friends and I’m in the same position as they are so they feel sympathetic towards that.

Are there any photography projects you’re interested in taking on next?

LOUISE: I’d love to do things outside of fashion and modeling in photography. I’ve always been interested in photojournalism so doing a story completely outside of fashion would be amazing.

Who would you like to photograph that you haven’t gotten to shoot yet?

LOUISE: Recently I’ve been thinking it would be fun to turn the camera around on photographers. I haven’t thought of anyone in particular that I’d love to photograph but that would be an interesting next step. We’ll have to see how comfortable they are in front of the camera!

What do you love most about photography?

LOUISE: I still shoot on film so my favorite thing is the surprise – not knowing what your photograph is going to look like and maybe forgetting about the image that you took then getting the photos back and rediscovering your own images.

Love that you’re using film – every year there are fewer and fewer people who use film.

LOUISE: Financially it might not be the best decision!

Aesthetically it is a great choice though.

LOUISE: I love it, you can’t put a quantitative price on each frame.


Kia, Dior Cruise in Brooklyn, 2014


Yumi, Dior Couture, Paris, 2014


Sabrina, Chanel Cruise in Dubai, 2014


Tommy girls (before show), Tommy Hilfiger, New York, 2013


Self portrait looks, Tommy Hilfiger, New York, 2013


Resting, Versace, Milan, 2013


Self portrait after Versace Couture, Paris, 2013


Princess, Dolce & Gabbana Couture in Capri, 2014


Hands at Dior Couture, Paris, 2014


Two Girls, Dolce & Gabbana Couture in Capri, 2014


Elizabeth, Chanel Couture, Paris, 2014


Georgia, Gabriel Colangelo, Milan, 2013


Magda, Preen, London, 2013


Anna & Marine, Chanel Cruise in Dubai, 2014


Carla, Dolce & Gabbana Couture in Capri, 2014


Shoes at Chanel Couture, Paris, 2014


Girl Grand Palais, Chanel Couture, Paris, 2014


Girl sunset, Chanel Cruise in Dubai, 2014

August 21st, 2014 by Janelle
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Everyone appreciates fragrance in a different way so what better product to explore via first impressions. In this special film models Ataui Deng, Frida Aasen, Herieth Paul and McKenna Bird share their thoughts on some of the season’s most unique and interesting scents – from chic niche scents to surprisingly luxe celebrity offerings the girls tackle a variety of beautiful perfumes and offer up honest opinions on each.

Directed by Billy Rood
Beauty Editor: Janelle Okwodu
Production by Kegan Webb
Models: McKenna Bird, Herieth Paul, Frida Aasen and Ataui Deng
Camera Assistant: Michal Rzepecki




Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose Fleur, Honeysuckle, Sandalwood

Fresh and inviting, the girls honed in on Ikat Jasmine’s elegant vibe and sweet undertones.


Notes: Angelica Seeds, Sicilian Lemon, Lingonberry, Wild Jasmine Sambac, Dewy Tuberose, Rose Petals

Happy, upbeat and packed with flower power, Byredo brought a smile to several faces.


Notes: Rum, Oak, Labdanum, Cedar and Vanilla

For the adventurous! By Kilian’s unusual notes will resonate with those who want a powerful statement fragrance.



Notes: Frozen Lime, Grapefruit, Melon, Tequila Accord, White Freesia, Cypress, Coconut Water, Crushed Sugar, Cedarwood.

Unisex but leaning ever so slightly towards the guys, CK One’s latest has a sporty vibe and vibrant attitude.


Notes: Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla

The Olsen Twins have struck gold with Nirvana Black, a heady number that proved addictive.


Notes: Cedrat, Benzoin, Caramel and White Musk

Easily the most recognizable of the bunch, one girls (you have to watch the film to find out who) guessed it right off the bat.

August 18th, 2014 by Janelle
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Lisa Cant transforms dramatically for the fall Alice + Olivia ads

Few American brands are as ubiquitous as J. Crew but the retail giant is only just making its entry into the world of perfumery. Linking with niche brand Arquiste for not one but two new scents, J.Crew gets things started in a big way. Rather than going the traditional route with florals, both scents delve into eclectic territory with their notes and inspiration points. Asked to recreate the mood of the Guggenheim Museum’s influential Exhibition by 31 Women, perfumers Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier chose unexpected ingredients for their creations including red-vermouth, aged whisky and cinnamon.

As the original thick browed beauty, Brooke Shields remains a quintessential face in the worlds of modeling & entertainment. Now the 80s fashion legend joins forces with MAC Cosmetics for the brand’s latest icon collection.  Never one to do things by halves, Shields delved into her new role collaborating with execs on each and every product in the expansive range. With classic stars like Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minelli and Diana Ross serving as just a few of the brand’s previous icons Shields is in good company.

At 49 Linda Evangelista is looking better than every, the supermodel shares the secret to her timeless look and chic array of hairstyles with Harper’s Bazaar.

For a rising star’s take on beauty do’s & don’ts check out the beautiful Gigi Hadid’s informative Top Shelf on Into the Gloss.

Beauty gadgets are increasingly common, but in a crowded market what is the real impact of high tech beauty? Mashable investigates the highs & lows of beauty plus tech in the rapidly changing hair dryer market. The newest blow dryers can curl hair, reduce damage and more.

Extreme beauty treatments are common in fashion, but what’s it like on a movie set? Makeup artist and special effects master, David White shares how Zoe Saldana got emerald green for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking of dramatic transformations – the fall campaigns have been filled with interesting beauty moments, but the most striking may come via the new ads for Alice & Olivia. Is that Karen Elson beneath those fiery waves? Nope. It’s none other than the beautiful (and brunette) Lisa Cant sporting an incredible new look and some of the coolest jet black eyeshadow we’ve seen in ages.

August 12th, 2014 by Janelle
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Photos Casey Vange for Models.com

Iana Godnia‘s striking face has become a familiar presence on top tier runways and in the pages of glossy magazines, but the Ukranian beauty isn’t some flash in the pan. The hardworking Iana has been steadily rising through the ranks, approaching her career with a dedication that is inspiring. During the fall shows Iana was one of the industry’s most in demand beauties, racking up an impressive lineup of shows including an exclusive spot on Calvin Klein’s influential runway and place in Nicolas Ghesquière‘s Louis Vuitton debut collection. With her star on the rise and a series of prestige bookings on the horizon Iana is having the time of her life, taking in every new accomplishment with modest grace.

When were you discovered?

IANA: I was discovered when I was 16, I was just discovered by an agency in Ukraine. I wasn’t sure if I was really going to be doing it or not – I just went to the agency, then they took some polaroids and said, “we’ll get in touch with you.” I wasn’t thinking much of it because I was just going to college and focusing on my studies. A few months later I received a call and they said, “We would like you to come! We have scouts coming from Paris and they’d like to see you.” I said, “Okay!”

What was that experience like?

IANA: I didn’t really know anything, I didn’t speak any English, and I had never traveled outside of the country. I went to the casting and afterwards I received a call from my booker and he said “Iana, there was a filmmaker there and she wants you to be a part of her project.”

I remembered I did one short interview besides the casting but I wasn’t sure what it was for. Afterwards, I was like, okay… maybe I could meet her and try to talk to her and figure out what this is about. I couldn’t speak English so she hired translators, which was really sweet of her. She explained that she was making this movie about modeling, using her own experiences and that of a newer girl. She wanted to find a girl from Ukraine who was going to be the new up and coming top model or something. She decided to go to Ukraine because she was always told that she would never be big because all of the girls that are successful are from Ukraine!

What was it like to be a part of a documentary?

IANA: It was wonderful, we hung out for a few days and she filmed my normal life. She interviewed my mom, my friends, and a few days later she left. When she was there she was like, “Iana you will see, you will do so well, and I really believe in you and I’ll see you in Paris!” I didn’t know if I was going to Paris, I was a first year in College and I was just trying to do that and didn’t think much of it. At that time, my booker said, “Iana you need to go to Paris soon, we’ve got an agency and I was like, ‘ oh my god! It was all so excited, I had never done anything. I’m from a small town so just hearing about a trip to Paris was exciting to me.

Was heading to Paris the first time difficult?

IANA: Parts of the trip were hard – I went to Paris with no understanding of the language and $200 in my pocket, but I was like, ‘okay, I’m going to try this!’ It was definitely an experience because being out of your country and being alone you learn a lot about yourself. You need to be responsible and smart, learn how to just look out for yourself. When I look back I understand that now I would never do anything like that because it’s so crazy to go by yourself with no knowledge, but I think that’s the beauty of it. When you’re young you find the courage – you’re just open to trying anything new. It was an amazing experience and it was just really great to be surrounded by fashion. I was at the model apartment, so I just tried to learn as much as I could. When I look back I realize I would not be the person I am now without that experience.


You’ve been modeling for some time now, but this season things went to another level.

IANA: I started almost 5 years ago. This season was like a breakthrough though which is amazing because I think when you really want something and you believe that it’s got to be something it happens. I quit college and for me that was a big deal. I knew that I could have gone back home and gone back to school, but at the same time I just wanted to prove that I could do this. When it happened this season, it was amazing. My family was so excited and proud. My mom said, “I told you! You’re going to do great.” Obviously at some points you get down on yourself and it’s a really complicated industry.

You’ve really grown up in the business – how do you feel you’ve changed from the start of your career until now?

IANA: It’s really hard to start at such a young age – for girls especially, because you’re so young and immature and you just want to always feel pretty – that’s all you want to hear, but with this industry you just feel like you’re not good enough sometimes. You think, “maybe I need to get skinnier, maybe I have pimples, or there is something wrong with my hair?” All the time, you’re finding these things that make yourself unhappy which makes it harder to go to castings. It is hard to make people happy, because you’re not happy inside.

I think it’s very important to find a peace that helps you to be yourself. As you grow you understand the person you are and I think people love when you can express that. I didn’t give up on myself. I used to think ‘oh my god I’m not 16 anymore! I’ve got to like, hurry up because there is a time limit. But that doesn’t matter as much in this industry anymore. As long as you look good and people are happy working with you that is what matters. There are a lot of models today who are older and gorgeous, they’re mature and intelligent. It’s a pleasure to work with them and I’d like to be like them as I continue in my career.

So true. That is a great way to look at things.

IANA: When it happened this season, it was amazing and I’m really thankful to people who decided to make me part of their show. I think that it was meant to happen now because I had met all of these people, but this is when it all came together. This season when it happened the people I’d worked with before were just so supportive, I had people come up to me and say “Iana I’m so happy and so proud! You’ve been doing this for so long..” I was like, ‘Yeah, my god it’s been so long I can’t believe it.’When I talk to some other girls they’re like ‘yeah I’ve been modeling for 8 years and it just happened now’ so I understand that it’s normal. Sometimes you can think, ‘oh my god it’s not happening right away, it’s not going to happen.’ But it’s different for everyone and I’m happy that it wasn’t some overnight success. I had that experience because I think I worked hard enough to be where I am right now, so I think it gives me more appreciation than if I were a model who blew up overnight.

Now I look back at some of the experiences I had in the past and it blows my mind how many incredible things I was exposed to. I was working with Azzedine Alaia when I was 17 for a fitting and I didn’t even know who he was! When I go back and shoot for his lookbook, now I’m like ‘oh my god!’ I think it’s really important to develop that understanding and knowledge. If you don’t have it, it’s hard to get there because you need to know who you’re working with and why it is important. This industry gives you so many opportunities to learn, to meet people, to see the world – it is important to appreciate that.

It really is –

IANA: It’s crazy when you think about it! I remember I was dreaming of working with Calvin Klein but sometimes you put this barrier between you and the things you want. You think, ‘oh I’m never going to do that..’ at some point I was like, ‘why not? There’s nothing wrong with me! I’m tall, I’m professional, I have the same opportunities as other girls! You just need to go out there and try.’


August 8th, 2014 by Janelle
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Binx Walton and Natalie Westling
by Roe Ethridge styled by Robbie Spencer

Dazed & Confused
has always led the pack when it comes to innovative content and with the launch of the magazine’s expansive fall edition the talented team pushes the limits yet again. With the visually arresting theme of “States of Independence” and six weeks worth of corresponding online content the publication fearlessly pushes into the digital sphere with an eye towards all things au courant. Where else will you see modeling it-girls Binx Walton & Natalie Westling on one page, Orange is the New Black star and trans activist Laverne Cox on another – Dazed keeps its finger on the pulse. We caught up with Editor in Chief Tim Noakes and fashion director Robbie Spencer to find out more about this must-read issue.

Why did you guys go with the theme of “States of Independence”?

Tim Noakes: Dazed’s new seasonal print schedule and our commitment to being a digital first publisher gave us a great opportunity to create an expansive online project to fill the summer months without a new issue to promote. Our growth in America over the last year has been phenomenal, so we wanted to expand that readership and also create exciting content partnerships with like minded independent publishers, designers and institutions. So on July 4th we launched States of Independence as a six week editorial project on Dazed Digital leading up to the physical release of the Autumn collections issue. Split into six themed weeks – fashion, music, art, literature, sex, and film – every day a different guest editor took control of the site and showcased the people, scenes, looks and sounds that they feel are setting a new agenda for independent American youth culture. Alongside this we asked 50 of our favourite US icons to answer a fun pop quiz about what they love and loathe about their homeland. And now we have the physical issue which brings it all to a head in fine style with 50 pages of AW14 collections shot around the States. We’ve never done anything like it on this scale before and I couldn’t be happier about how it’s all come together.

How do you think Binx and Natalie relate to the theme?

Robbie Spencer: Binx and Natalie both represent the current zeitgeist and were perfect cover stars for our States of Independence issue. They are not your average models – they don’t fit into the all smiling, cookie cutter American model stereotype and for me, that’s exciting. I think people want to see fashion worn by models they they can identify with. There is a realness to Binx and Natalie that is intoxicating.

The cover shot is incredible – can you speak a bit about the creation of that image?

Robbie Spencer: Roe Ethridge’s take on American life is eccentric and obscure. I’m fascinated by the way he warps the American dream, taking everyday elements and putting them out of context. His work is a perfect fusion between art and fashion – something we love to play with at Dazed.

What are some of your favorite moments within the issue?

Tim Noakes:  Apart from Roe Ethridge’s amazing cover story, I love Brianna Capozzi’s shots of 14-year-old style kingpin Mike the Ruler and his NYC gang, Danielle Levitt’s shoot with Raury, the 18-year-old self proclaimed saviour of music, and Jeff Bark’s pictures of Sia’s favourite dancer, Maddie Ziegler. The old guard is being replaced with these amazingly talented young creatives and I think that is unbelievably exciting to document and celebrate.

What were some of your favorite elements from the collections that you were able to put into this story?

Robbie Spencer: Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley brought such a youthful energy to their Marc by Marc Jacobs debut – igniting a whole new era for the brand. The bandanas with their grinning skeleton prints were perfect for this issue as they symbolise the power of raw anarchistic youth.

Dazed always keeps us on our toes with unexpected content – are there any surprises within the issue?

Tim Noakes: This issue is packed full of breathtaking stories like the ones I just mentioned, and the fashion content is some of our strongest to date. But for me, the biggest surprise for readers should be the way we flipped the rules of how to build an issue. Traditionally, print publishers release a magazine and then expand its content online. We’ve never been fond of following the rules, so coming out first with this huge online project, collaborating with other independent publishers instead of trying to compete against each other, and then releasing the print issue at the apex of this project is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities of publishing right now.




All images courtesy of Dazed & Confused

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