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The Major Model Management Men’s board is having a phenomenal fall already and it shows in one of the most recognizable boards around. The Yin/Yang symbol on the front symbolizes the importance of balance and Major has an exceptional way of achieving success at both ends of the modeling spectrum. From always most wanted Simon Nessman to new face Ryan Koning, Major’s masculine ideal is one most coveted by those blue chip designers. Major Model Management SS/10 Show Package

Aaron O Connell

Blaine Cook

Brian Davenport

Brian Shiminsky

Bryce Draper

Chad White

Charles Devoe

Colby Jamar

Creing Wittingham

Ellis McCreadie

Emile Steenveld

Isa Rahman

Jeremy Santucci

Joey Kirchner

Josh Stanley

Kerry Degman

Lawrence Stiers

Matthew Coatsworth

Matthew Paetz

Nate Gill

Nick Riback

Oraine Barrett

Patrick Kafka

Patrick Rukai

Paul Stiell

Ryan Koning

Sean Harju


Simon Nessman

Simon tham

Steve Gold

Terron Wood

Travis Davenport

Travis Hanson

Travone Hill

Zack Clark

zz-Intro Card

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  1. momo says:

    where’s simon tham? are u serious?????

  2. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    Matthew Paetz, always. He has “it”.

  3. richie says:


  4. christian says:

    I don’t care how overrated he is…CHAD WHITE. Amazing…

  5. rach says:

    I’ll remember that name
    Also Josh looks a teeny bit like Sean, which is never a bad thing. Amazing lips!

  6. alex says:

    Anyone know of any wrestling pics of kerry degman? link me here if u know of any. thanks alex.

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