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September 7th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Marilyn’s  Irina Lazraneau joins the” new haircut”  brigade with this much buzzed new look. The girl is looking very  quintessential  right this minute !


  1. billy says:

    loves it

  2. Monte says:

    She looks really good.

  3. Nigel S. says:

    Holy! She looks nothing short phenomenal. The cut accents her cheekbones and jawline like a dream. I’m thrilled to see her.

  4. Arief Nuary says:

    she looks like Tao Okamoto here…

  5. zanita says:

    How fabulous – I want to see her everywhere.

  6. PR says:

    the new haircut definitely compliments her face, but she looks like tao now…

  7. ryan says:

    Tao Okamoto?

  8. von says:

    she’s back! amazing!

  9. marvoi says:

    unbowleviably grrrreat!

  10. lanvinray says:

    I can see Tao’s signature crop! haha looks good on Irina though :D

  11. KIMI3183 says:


  12. Antonio Barros says:

    I love the new hair cut! I can’t wait to see her in the runway! :)


  13. Mario B. L. says:

    the rock queen, this page crop suits her. love it :D

  14. Mario B. L. says:

    i <3 irina and her page haircut.

  15. moh_feat_co24 says:


  16. lasher says:

    love it!

  17. Gael says:

    boring !!

  18. JoltOfDavid says:

    She looks sensational. I hope she’s going to walk for the “main players” again!

  19. Luis says:

    shes cutee!!

  20. Mango says:

    She looks great with short hair

  21. Photographer in the funny hat says:

    Are there are models left who have longer hair than me? :P

    ‘Rina will keep rockin’ with that new cut.

  22. Natasha says:

    ohhh… bad move, irina. this cut really doesn’t suit her face’s shape or structure what-so-ever. she looks way, way better with longer hair framing her face.

  23. carola says:

    Yeah looks good on her, she still bores me to death.

  24. Amarilla says:

    I give the hair cut the thumbs up.

  25. CHAD says:

    go MARILYN!!!

  26. lanna says:

    think she looks amazing now! hopefully, this will be a boost for her career.

  27. miyoshi says:

    Channeling Tao.. i still think she is one of the best models

  28. brucegisele says:

    Irina looks superub……. amazing, amazing, amazin! Like Tao but Irina will bring her quirkiness to the table. this is a fixture for her.

  29. kristina says:

    Oh no.. I loved her hair before.. This is BAD… :( It sucks that she cut her hair..

  30. niceeee says:

    sooo much better :D!! and love the jeans :)

  31. iheartfashion says:

    i adore it

    http://www.joandjoenyc.com loves her cute cut!!

  32. Marcos Lacerda says:

    my god what she did ….
    love irina was more a spectacle!!

  33. punkholiday says:

    I love her!!!!!!!

  34. otto says:

    Irina is best!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Maia says:

    Like It ;)

  36. plast!c says:

    Nice cut, gives her a pin-up look!

  37. Grizzly says:

    Now she just looks like Tao and Ranya and Cecilia Mendez. yawn.

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