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  1. indie says:

    IMG’s showcards are always disappointing to me. it looks like they put minimal effort when they made these.

  2. Podestá says:

    my favourite are brazilians PAULA, LOVANI and STEFANIA!!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Excited to see how NY will react to Julia Hafstrom!

  4. carola says:

    Cato has one of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen in a while.

  5. Carolina says:

    The Nostradamus in me says Julia & Frida will be major this season

  6. gabrielle says:

    i dont think lara’s picture is good for the card. i didnt even recognize her. and she looks worse than her usual amazing modeling

  7. german says:

    marina perez is always a silent triumph!!!!!! she at the major shows
    my favorite

  8. ryan says:

    love Du Juan <3

  9. KatModel says:

    Amazing! What a stunning collection, thanks IMG :)

  10. Pavel says:

    KORI looks like Denisa Dvorakova…Bizzare

  11. Ryo says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Gaye and Chantel.

  12. Antonio Barros says:

    Wooow! This package is full of stars!!!!


  13. Terry says:

    Beautiful new faces.. nice box.. bad cards..

  14. AlberE says:

    Strong girls, Nice box, bad cards..

  15. Davidoff says:

    Major Girls!

  16. Derek says:

    Cato is stunning. I really hope she dominates this season.

  17. marc says:

    ***THIS IS THE BEST PACKAGE OF ALL *** I was waiting anxiously for this show package – as always IMG never disapoints – LOVE LARA STONE –
    from the new faces – JULIA H , VANESSA H , SONA and NIK are my favorite.

  18. Party Marty says:

    i enjoy these cards with their simple nice b/w photos. shows the girls, clean. not into all the silly overdone stuff…

  19. Brian says:

    Great girls, cards are just so-so..Loving JULES’ dark hair!

  20. Joules says:

    The best package of girls!
    So many major girls, and amazing “new” girls like Frida , Sona and Lovani are my favourite!

  21. Sorry says:

    how come you guys say “waiting anxiously”, everybody knew what was coming. Obviously many amazing ESTABLISHED stars but few striking new faces. I think I have seen all of them before (in IMG or not…). Take a look at Women Direct, Next, Elite, NYM and even Marilyn´s packages(proportionally) – a lot of potentials. Don´t get me wrong, IMG is undeniably a top agency, but their new faces department should get some lessons from all these other agencies. They have a lot of new faces fading away outside the network just because these didn´t get enough attention within- now I see this lack of NEW and remember all that others that are losing their time in Asia with an IMG contract in the bottom of their bag. Anyway, I wish the best for the new faces who didn´t break in yet.

  22. Liv says:

    I have to agree with Indie. It seems like IMG is too “superior” to put effort into their showcards.They have some of the top models out there, but I think…IMG needs to find more NEWER it girls!

  23. Mark says:

    One word. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anne says:

    I think IMG put so many girls in this package, a lot of strong names and new girls, but a lot of girls that i’m not sure if has a great potential.
    My favourite girls are: Cato , Bojana , Lovani and Anabela!

  25. Ricardo says:

    Tamara looks absolutely stunning this season!

  26. debby says:

    where is Austria

  27. shabbychico says:

    I hope TORI PRAVER is in everything! I love everything about her. She can do it all!

  28. andrea says:

    I love Freja and heidi looks stunning ,too!

  29. PAULINE HODGE says:

    Looking good Alexa.. we are very proud of you!

  30. Aleks says:

    Daria P. is very beautiful girl

  31. sally princess says:

    love chinese girls,du juan,special and elegant~
    emma pei,pure~

  32. Min says:

    I love Freja
    She is fascinating!
    I can’t say anymore..

  33. chu says:

    emma pei…gorgeous..although her card doesnt show her usual striking looks

  34. sara says:

    Where’s Tori Praver?? and other than that, I’m quite disappointed with the other show cards…pep it up, people!

  35. sara says:

    oops! sorry, now I see Tori’s picture…..I was in disbelief it wasn’t there…….so again, sorry……

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