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  1. KatModel says:

    Great, these traditional beauty shots beat the crazy abstract designs from other agencies, imho :)

  2. dee says:

    this design is absolutely genius. truly a work of art, one worth saving, when has a package ever been one of kind like this? great art direction.
    not to mention the girls, ford has really found some new stunners!
    way to go.

  3. christian says:

    i love that you can see what the girls look like, yet its still very cool. right on ford!

  4. modelapron says:

    adriana is a stunner.

  5. l says:

    i really like polina, adriana, julia and jen… not too sure about the others.

  6. Model Whispers says:

    Nataliya Gotsiy is BACK!!!!
    My oh my!

  7. mee says:

    Chanel Iman is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen!! I want to meet her so bad x

  8. AriL says:

    Oh, Lakshmi, why so perfect?! Amazing showcard! I want to see her everywhere this season!!!

  9. Antonio Barros says:

    Oh la la!!!!
    Amazing girls!! Camila looks gorgeous!!!


  10. The Black says:

    Chanel Iman YAY! she is the best!

  11. GP says:

    nataliya,nika and jacquelyn are gorgeous. Then, everyone is just beautiful.

  12. Marco says:

    OMG!!! i’m so happy for sofiaaa!!!! another great mexican that will do great!!!

  13. Mona says:

    Marlena… D&G girl. She looks amazing!

  14. van skye™ says:

    anne sophie has a very strong interesting face … watch out for her !


  15. Soul on mysapce says:


    Chanel is UniQue
    Chanel is IT
    Chanel …MUSE
    chanel EXquiSItE

    C H A N E L

    c h a n e l

  16. Soul on mysapce says:

    ain’t NO OTHER

  17. Soul on mysapce says:

    OPPS error on my website this is the right one
    Oh Chanel

  18. ISIS says:

    LAKSHMI, ARIEL, CHANEL IMAN… MY FAVES… AMAZING, NATURAL BEAUTY!!! Hope they get the credit they deserve

  19. Andrew says:

    LAKSHMI is AMAZING.. the best girl FORD has!!!!

  20. Contempo Models says:


  21. Alexandertsi says:

    First time in years ive actually been excited by Ford. Lakshmi an Chanel duhh. Lea and Andrea are MAJOR

  22. Sunny says:

    Hyoni!!! She is the best!! Cute, Beautiful, And Sexy!!!!~~

  23. david says:

    I agree
    Hyoni is the best

  24. sunny says:

    Beatiful Hyoni~!!!
    You are the Best

  25. christian says:

    Ugh, I hate that close up of Chanel. She looks dumb founded. Welp, I’m all for her and Lakshmi. Simply the best.

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