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August 31st, 2009 by Janelle | Model News
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Polaroids courtesy of Marilyn Model Mgmt.

Arlenis Sosa continues to impress with her dynamic presence on runway and in editorial; open any magazine from i-D to V and you are sure to see her face staring back at you. Though known for her effervescent personality and million-dollar smile her latest polaroids show that the Dominican beauty is more than just sweetness and light. With a powerful gaze and a series of haute poses, Arlenis demonstrates why she is coveted by discerning clients from both sides of the spectrum.



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  1. ronnie peterson says:

    lovlely skin tone!

  2. vidkid says:

    she is also on the cover o Trace Magazine.. go girl

  3. miyoshi says:

    i love it

  4. moh_feat_co24 says:

    this sh!t is for real !!

  5. Gustavo says:

    She is just sooo pretty, effortlessly beautiful and charming!

  6. tony long says:

    has been one of my favorites ever since day 1….absolutely stunning girl and a joy in person :)

  7. Natasha says:

    Good for you Arlenis!

  8. Ryo says:

    I think I prefer the “moody Arlenis”. Wow she looks good.

  9. Ryan says:

    love these, i wish she would wear her hair down?

  10. KatModel says:

    So beautiful!

  11. Ben says:

    I enjoy seeing models of color getting their time to shine.

  12. Afrika says:

    over friggin rated.

  13. evolve says:

    Stunning, as always! Is there anything Arlenis can’t do??

  14. Reri says:

    Thank you Janelle for this. beautifully written as always.
    Arlenis has been involving as a model in the right way. I never had high expectations when she first started, I knew it would take time for her to grow in this profession. but hey! I haven’t seen bad work from her since the beginning, but I know she will get better and better :).
    I’ve heard she has major stuff coming up. I can’t wait :D.

  15. Vinciano says:

    No one goes from commercial to editorial as well as Ms. Arlenis, the definitive beauty of our times. Love her to pieces!

  16. Antonio Barros says:
  17. Joe says:

    Really over rated . Why does models.com get hung up on particular models for no reason !? Although I don’t mind models.com’s hang up on Dree Hemingway cause i think she’s awesome also

  18. Juan Carlos says:

    She is so beautiful. She should be in the cover of American Vogue along with Sessilee Lopez and Jourdan Dunn.

  19. Luis says:

    Shes cute!

  20. andy says:

    Not as pretty as IMGs Chloe Goodrum

  21. YA-YO says:

    she is just stunning! Great body and a face u will never forget… A real model! I agree with with Vinciano, she just jump from commercial to editorial so easily just like a supermodel does, it won’t surprise me if she become a Gisele or Naomi in that way.

  22. hey says:

    She finally lost the weight. She looks even better now. Good for her!

  23. Dato says:

    True that, Ryo

  24. Amarilla says:

    When I saw this girl for the first time, there were only 3 words that came to mind … “Now that’s Money”.

    I think Chloe and Arlenis are both beautiful in their own right and their beauty is incomparable. While Arlenis obviously gets more notable work, I think that all had to do with a LOT of things… timing, personality…being at the right place at the right time, being at the right parties…

  25. Terence Fuller says:

    stunning poloroids, just what i look for a model

  26. carola says:

    omg she is not overrated! she’s incredibly beautiful, and a really good model, NO ONE can deny that.

  27. Amber says:

    Andy, Arlenis is beautiful in person and in photographs, Chloe photographs amazingly, but isn’t very beautiful in person. She’s kind of average. Check out her myspace.

    And for the people who don’t understand her appeal, all you have to do is check out that one photograph of Arlenis in last year’s Vogue. Look at how the light hits her face and illuminates the gold in her skin tone. That’s where my love affair with Arlenis began.

    And Amarilla is right, she is money! Lancome agrees too.

  28. carola says:

    btw Andy, that’s really low, just because you represent Chloe doesn’t mean you have to put the other girl down, come on. It’s a post about Arlenis so let’s talk about her, I’m sure IMG knows how to promote Chloe so leave it to them.

  29. LIFE OF BRIAN says:

    I still remember when she hit the modeling scene speaking spanish and know english is coming like nothing to her. She is so amazing and so beautiful…i smile every i see her. She is definitely evolving and has come a long way in such a short time with more to come….sigh.
    Arlenis Sosa Pena to the WORLD!!!!!!!!

  30. gise says:

    i called it from the moment i met her. she’s got IT. phenomenal on the runway; beautiful and fresh on film; genuine and fun in person. definitely has all the qualities of a long-distance runner. and her energy does remind me of a teenaged gisele! best of luck, arlenis. :)

  31. Diyane says:

    waouww!!! very beautiful, she3s very pretty, I wish her all the best.
    Mucha suerte Bonita!!

  32. brucegisele says:


  33. brucegisele says:


  34. brucegisele says:


  35. brucegisele says:


  36. Iris says:

    You go Arlenis! Pure Dominican (Copeyana) to be exact. Many more where she came from. Make us proud girl.-

  37. MoSs77 says:

    This is the best ive ever seen iher in my life. i almost like her!lol

  38. Rene'e says:

    She Is Amazing Lovely Face Wow Girl Make A Success Of Yourselth We All Know That You Can .

  39. Rene'e says:

    Realy Good Photo , Lovely Face .

  40. Rachel Patrick says:

    Wow. very sifisicated. I love it.
    I know you don’t know me but im new at this and i would like some help with models.com if possible.

  41. Linnea Vinero says:

    chloe is not as stong as Arlenis… Arlenis is special and unique. We like fashion editorial types and everyone knows IMG likes more commercial appeal..

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