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August 27th, 2009 by wayne | Model News
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Caroline Trentini/IMG Image courtesy of IMG

Under the direction of Garren, Caroline Trentini has a new look. Oh the editorial possibilities!

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  1. AaronP says:

    I used to really hate her, but I’m liking her more and more. It was something about her jaw I think.

  2. v says:

    she soo loolk like jean s, twiggy bit, lol this is soo exiting

  3. bloggerquest says:

    it makes her look younger, much younger, but also less attractive

  4. Anderson Antunes says:

    She looks great! Carol is my neighbour in Brazil, and I can tell you all that she is even prettier in person…

  5. Made In Brazil says:

    Finally. She needed a bit of a change. I like it. Gives her more of an edge.

  6. Podestá says:

    I love it!!! Trentini is amazing!

  7. Nailton says:

    I love it!!! Tretini is amazing[2]

  8. Gustavo says:

    Ms Wintour will love her even more, im sure!

  9. KatModel says:

    Lovely bangs!

  10. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    I agree, Carol needed a change and I love this girl,she is my dream model for 7 years…love love love her and her new hair!!!

  11. carola says:

    Amazing look!

  12. Antonio Barros says:

    She looks great with the new hair!


  13. Helô Gomes says:

    Hy There!
    My name is Helô Gomes, i´m a reporter for RG Vogue in Brazil, i would like very much do have your contact, i did´n find it on your layout.

    can you send it to me?
    Thanks in advance

  14. kotik says:

    I don’t like her face expression on this picture, want to see more

  15. Neo says:

    She looks great, I think this look will bring to her the cool factor that some seem to believe she’s lost in the recent seasons. Beautiful Mod.

  16. Bucalon says:

    Carol T. was super stylish with the new look … and has everything to crush the fashion weeks in the world … expect to see!

  17. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Un “visage”
    et oui!

  18. MoSs77 says:

    Trentini is amazing… she looks amazing and her success will remain consistent…

  19. Andrew says:

    Trentini can do no wrong in Wintour’s eyes. She’d still love her even if she went bald.

  20. Charlie says:

    models.com – da best. Keep it going!

  21. CG86 says:

    I think her forehead is WAY too big for bangs! Those are some huge bangs! She looks prettier without them.

  22. gerson says:

    i love her…… viva brazil…

  23. francisco says:

    I don´t like her face in this photo,but she is a amazing model!

  24. Ambigous says:

    Carol is one of the Best Vogue Model in History…..

  25. Really? says:

    I don’t like it :( she looks better without them.

  26. AL.W says:


  27. Anne says:

    Muito lindaa!! Tinha que ser brasileira!!!!

  28. brucegisele says:


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