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August 27th, 2009 by betty | Model News
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LA’s Photo[Genics agency drops these digitals of Taylor in our inbox and we adore his translucent blue eyes. Found at a mall, the 17 year old has that combination of dark hair, clear eyed beauty that is irresistible. 13


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  1. jaod says:


  2. Party Marty says:

    fix dat hair

  3. nav says:

    looks like someone scouted at a mall…

  4. that girl says:

    needs to loose those eaarings..ugh

  5. carola says:

    The best ones are always scouted at malls right? Gorgeous guy, he just needs a new look.

  6. NeyNey says:

    i think he looks perfectly fine.

  7. Antonio Barros says:

    humm… interesting!


  8. Homotography says:

    love the eyes.

  9. Beny Ricardo Sadewo says:

    hmmm.. gorgeous but don’t like his earing…. pppfff

  10. debby says:

    wow he’s so hot love the eyes

  11. S. says:

    I wish I looked like that at 17…

  12. tony says:

    Very rock ‘n roll and edgy…will be in demand.

  13. skye says:

    haaaa all of you are retarded.
    i’m so lucky to be dating this.
    (: he’s beautiful. perrrrfectionnnn.

  14. donna says:

    unbelievably gorgeous

  15. mik says:

    B&W favours him…

  16. Izara says:

    “Very rock ‘n roll and edgy…will be in demand”

    What? Because he’s wearing earrings? He’s absolutely NOT “rock n roll and edgy” .. You need your eyes tested! “rock n roll and edgy” would be Ash, Tyler, Cole etc.. This guy is fairly commercial, I can see him in Armani Exchange or something.

  17. Marquis de Lannes says:
  18. marvoi says:

    perfectly fiiine indeed

  19. Ryan says:

    oh my god.

  20. ania says:

    beautiful boy

  21. Max says:

    I think Taylor has this “it” factor that will replace Baptiste, who is overrated by the way thanks to K Lagerfeld, duh. This dude needs a makeover and lose those earrings man! I think he can book Burberry or CK!

  22. Amanda says:

    Wow what a beautiful face. His eyes are soo piercing.


  23. max says:

    Where is my comment???

  24. Christopher Y says:

    he’s got the mediocre look of an abercrombie-&-fitch guy but i think he’s clear eyes really set him apart! great find!!! absolutely breathtaking…

  25. Leslie says:

    Love those earrings!

  26. Dakra says:

    mmm cuteee hahaha

  27. Jesus Ortega says:

    Stunning!!!…Taylor have a great Eyes and Face!!!…He is very sexy look!!!

  28. hara says:

    he is absolutely awesome :O
    without the earrings

  29. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    Could you please people rub your eyes and look a bit further?
    He’s got the looks, he’s got the face and he’s got the bone structure…and then he’s got those eyes!!
    Those are the things that matter, and this young man’s GOT it/them!
    …the hair style, hair colour, earrings, etc, ALL that can be sorted out and rectified by the snap of your fingers!!
    Absolutely beautiful.

  30. bob says:

    growl for me

  31. alex says:

    what is his name. he’s hot

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