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  1. van skye™ says:

    #1 mens casting! congrats.


  2. michael says:

    This is what I call a GREAT mens agency!! All the guys look amazing!!!

  3. successful prod says:

    Amazing package. the majority is just breath taking, minus bastian.

  4. Bee Maya says:

    By far the BEST men’s package i have seen so far! All of their guys are just breath taking!

  5. cast says:

    rogier is amazing!

  6. roybot says:

    oliver welton and gordie walker!!! elmer olsen represent!!!

  7. Josh says:

    hi there,

    does anybody knows when the VNY women show package comes out?

  8. successful prod says:

    The mens VNY is all you need in your memory.
    The womans shouldnt be posted.

  9. Joshua says:

    I want to see more of Aram!

  10. Paul says:

    Have you seen the women of VNY? They are gorgeous – check out Kate, Alecta and Anna B. The men are extremely hot but the women are finally steaming things up at VNY.

  11. diedreZ says:

    As the other person said, The VNY guys are great, the woman’s board is not concentrated and very commercial average. They need bookers who only manage woman and have done it successfully…

  12. Josh says:

    yes, I heard already a lot about Kate! That is why I asked about the women board …
    Thx anyway!

  13. christian says:

    Sean O’Pry drives me insane (in the good way). I see him no matter where I go and I am just falling in love. He has one of the most dynamic looks out there. Very handsome. Can do commercial or editorials. He’s exactly what the industry needs right now and its amazing how gorgeous he is. Sean O is the love of my life. Ok, so I’m a bit obsessed, lol! But who can deny me?:.) Best of luck to him this season (not that he even needs any)

  14. (*****) says:


  15. Rainey says:

    Nick Snider is so cute…
    i want to see nick snider more

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