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August 17th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Ursula/Supreme Management PH. Paul Rowland

The cool crop, exquisite coloring and a beautifully unique  presence marks Supreme’s  Ursula newcomer as a girl to watch for the September New York shows  sweepstakes. Stay tuned for the launch this week of our SS 2010 show previews!



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  1. eek says:

    sorry but looks like a street urchin. But she’s with Women/Supreme so of course MDC is hyping her.

  2. debby says:

    she’s so new

  3. Lewis says:

    very contemporary

  4. Gustavo says:

    best girl ive seen since Natasha! I put my bets on her! The polaroids are simply stunning, no words to describe!

  5. Gustavo says:

    And her name…what a household name would it be for a supermodel huh?

  6. netto says:

    the promess

  7. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Une jolie tête!
    Un visage à retenir!

  8. KatModel says:

    That’s an interesting look…

  9. Alvaro says:

    His physique is interesting I like it!

  10. AaronP says:

    ^^ She’s a woman.

  11. that girl says:

    I’m enjoying her profile, but not so much straightforward

  12. Spectator says:

    She looks lost , someone has to stop the madness

  13. steve says:


  14. kingchic says:

    She’s gonna be hyped like Rose and nothing major will happen except for walking a couple major shows

  15. larry says:

    …..oh ye of little faith.

  16. Eamon says:

    Look at her nose and the unusual angle of her face on profile. Her complexion, and theat “lost” look which to me reads as haunting. Not every model should look “fierce”.

    She looks like Elizabeth I or like someone in a vintage photograph you find at a bric-a-brac. How many models can you say working today convey that?

  17. daniel says:

    she kinda creeps me out but then again every models uniqueness is what captures peoples attention. as weird as it sounds, she does have an interesting and distinctive look. i mean look at sasha p., she looks like an alien, not in a bad way but her look is just out of this world and thats what catch the fashion industry’s attention. im pretty sure ursula can do the same. its all about personality and how distinctive she can be with her modeling. wish her best of luck.

  18. Aleksandr says:

    She looks very Cuban, especially because of her facial structure. It’s very interesting. I like her.

  19. L says:

    ehhh not digging it.

  20. kim says:

    LOVE HER!!!! Her face is like a poem. She looks like out of a Renaissance painting

  21. lynn says:

    She is so unique and unforgetable, amazing girl.
    Thanks MDC, am happy to see a new look posted not the
    same old blonde clones

  22. Oliver says:

    I have to agree someone has to stop the madness. Has it really come to that unique equals creepy equals fashion!?!?! Do someone remind themselves of the children’s book The emperors new cloths. Does no one see what I see!?!?

    The creeper you look the bigger you ears are the more crocked your nose is the better chances you have to make it in the fashion industry. The new beauty is apparently for a select few to understand and what used to be regarded as a classic beauty is now almost frowned up on. I can’t help to laugh to all the people that is joining in the love song no matter what is posted.

    But thank you MDC for illustrating this so clearly once and for all!

    I wish Ursula the very best of luck in the industry I think she will go all the way to the top!

  23. devon says:

    Oh please Oliver then why don’t you just go look at a JC Penny catalog. It’s also important to evolve the idea of what beauty is.

  24. MeliMac says:

    I see her uniqueness and kind of enjoy it, but however, I do see what Oliver is saying and agree. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comes in all packages, I just think sometimes people look way to deep for something different. If different is what they want how ’bout try another ethnicity other than caucasion (wether it is in appearance or truly caucasion). There are soooo many beauties in this World and more often then not the one praised this week, looks like the last. I’m not hating, I wish everyone the best and know that the times are always changing, just my personal opinion. Much luck to everyone trying to do great things and best wishes to Ursula !

  25. tom says:

    The lack of meat on her bones causing the skeletal structure to stand out more than what clings to it is what defines a Supreme Girl! The stand out simplicity of her crop only adds to this youthful ideal Supreme seems to cherish.

    Clear, even complexion, angular jaw & a sliver of a nose – a shoe in for the hot shows for sure.

    Any “unique-ness” a model possesses must be had after the genetic advantages mentioned above were to be met. No other girl on the market has a 2 inch thick, curly haired cut right now. She has the body and the basics that make someone beautiful so why not have a little fun pushing the boundaries & comfort zones of what people expect to see as beautiful!?

    Way to go MDC & Supreme.

  26. Eamon says:

    Oliver, I bet you would have said the same when Stella Tennant or Alek Wek hit the scene. You know I constantly breathe sighs of relief that people like you aren’t the ones that dictate direction because yes, JCP and VS would be considered the height of fashion.

    There are hundreds of classical (or cliched) beauties modelling at the moment – too many in fact. Then when one comes along to alter the game a bit like Ursula or Ranya, people like you cry it’s the end of the world. Settle down. Go through the top 50 and count how many “creepy” models make the list.

    And another thing, you are entitled to have your opinion but don’t dismiss other people as daft for not coming to the same conclusions as you on subjective concerns.

  27. poo says:

    Wow. Just wow. I’m with Eamon on this.

  28. Cheri_aka_Frenchi says:

    Wow, I don’t think so.

  29. Neri says:

    Where are her eyebrows? Other than that she’s beautiful

  30. Emma says:

    she is probably grate in reality, but i dont like her on photos…
    she is not symmetrical.

  31. Mark says:

    I am not sure this is the right images to send out on this girl. I am sure looks better in person and I understand Supreme likes that edgy feeling in their photos. But, oh no miss honey. Not the look for this poor child.
    Not the look at all!!!!!!!!!!

  32. AriL says:

    Absolutely stunning! Her profile shot is by far the best out of the other 3 though, she’s got a striking look which i am looking forward to see evolving. Can’t wait to see her on some runway in september!

  33. Berta says:

    I totally agree with Oliver !
    I like Ursula nonetheless and wish her a lot of luck , but I really hope she doesnt set a new trend of models. There IS such a thing as too unique and that is the case with Ursula in my oppinion.

  34. Micky Chalk says:

    *** unique ***

  35. Draco says:

    She’s look 14 years old!

  36. evolve says:

    I don’t get the two weird opposing trends of bringing back 90’s Supermodels and pushing unique though continually less-accessible beauty. I’m not complaining… I just don’t really get the juxtaposition.

    That being said… I really like Ursula’s look. I think she could go far as long as her look is able to adapt to changing trends.

  37. Tiffany S says:

    If this is what there looking for then ill cut my hair like a boy lol

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