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  1. Joshua says:

    oh he’s cute

  2. ferre says:

    C.U.T.E (^.^)Y

  3. Ryan says:

    HES PART JAPANESE? that just makes him more appealing :P

  4. jo says:

    I like mdc show the models complete name now :) It feel like much respectable for the models

  5. Yui says:

    Worked with this guy, not only is he gorgeous he’s really clever!:D

  6. Shant says:

    He is Gorgeous :))
    i love him, because is not perfect.
    he is just normal. Just handsome.
    Atractive n_________n

  7. Marquis de Lannes says:

    Espero poder verlo en los desfiles de Enero en Paris!

  8. guto says:


  9. Hanna says:

    Im sorry to change the subject here….but what makes Baptiste Giabiconi qualified to be the number 1 male on the top 50 list? Just dosen’t make sense?
    Baptiste has a couple of chanel campaigns and Fendi?????? im lost…

  10. robbbbb says:

    i dieddddddddd

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