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Marion/WM Model Management : Images courtesy of WM

Meet mademoiselle Marion R, an 18 year old law student in Paris who just signed with the WM agency in Paris. There is something about this girl..in her presence, the way she holds her body and that unmistakable parisienne chic that makes her quite the editorial treasure waiting to happen. OTM is off to investigate!

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  1. Joao says:

    Eskimo :)))

  2. Jesse LIGER says:

    Yeahhh Marion!!
    Depuis quand tu fais du mannequina?
    Moi aussi figure toi!! Trop marrant! En plus tu t’es trouvée une agence! Ça gère! J’espère que tout vas bien pour toi et que tu va réussir dans ce milieu là si c’est ce que tu compte faire!



  3. Mariot i...t says:

    what a strange girl they found!!! she is too far from the model?parisien look? model.com are you lost your mind???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Pony Ryder says:

    French beauty indeed! Marion has the cinematic elegance specific for French models, and WM is just the right choice for such a girl! We’ll be definitely seeing more of her in the future and we can’t wait!

  5. laasi says:

    big big big !!! so different ! very promising

  6. val ali says:

    found on WM , very different,so would like to see her future work http://www.justwm.com/pictures/111/ext_b_111_8924.jpg

  7. Antonio Barros says:

    I photographed Marion today!
    She is great and has the attitude that I missed in my portfolio!
    (some pictures are already published in my portfolio!!)

    I hope to work with her soon again!

  8. felix says:

    she ‘ent quite up to it unless u r doing i new breed of modelling

  9. Sky says:

    She is Great!!Nice Girl!

  10. ke says:

    Cold and a beautiful face. Fantastic!

  11. Euphrasie says:

    Bienvenue au club! Im waiting for U in NYC!

  12. Aprille says:


  13. tiger says:

    very stylish,very chic ,very paris!!

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