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June 30th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Alexa/Women Model Management Polaroid courtesy of Women NY.

As we at OTM cycle down on the men’s shows, it is time to cycle up on our new faces watch and streaking across the radra right this minute is Alexa Yudin, the fresh faced newcomer at Women who walk the Resort boards for Miu-Miu, PHI and Calvin Klein. That means come the September sweepstakes, this sleek young girl will loom as very coveted.

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  1. Gustavo says:

    She looks like a young Alana Zimmer. Enough said…

  2. Denise says:

    Wow her skin is radiant! She has this very unique face that would look ah-mazing in Editorials and campaigns! But I don’t think she is classic enough for longevity. Good “It” girl for next season though.

  3. Idan says:

    she’s gorgeous! love her!

  4. deirdre says:

    im yawning

  5. angus says:

    I see some of both Alana Zimmer and Iekeliene in her. Interesting eyes though, very interesting.

  6. pr says:

    she has skin like iris strubegger in mdc video, few months back. i wonder what moisturizer do women’s girls use :)

  7. luis says:

    undoubtedly, topmodel-in-the-making

  8. Model Whispers says:

    AL Models has all the best it girls.

  9. Ines says:

    she is kinda plain

  10. Christine Gatchalian says:

    Alexa is really sweet, had a great time shooting her!

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