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June 24th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Nik. Polaroids courtesy of IMG.

IMG has certainly thrown down their early gauntlet for the SS 10 New Faces sweepstakes in the form of this Dallas born beauty deftly named Nik. The face is exquisite, the body boasts major runway lines  and the buzz on this girl just hit 10. Stay tuned for Nik’s first bookings.

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  1. annie says:

    what is it with IMG and their penchant for these nickname? Mak, Jac and now Nik? i’m getting confused, I always think of jac as monika anyway

  2. ines says:

    IDENTICAL to chantal deberry who used to be at fusion. woah. great body, so-so face.

  3. ines says:

    upon second look at chantel deberry, they are too similar. they HAVE to be the same girl!

  4. Idan says:

    i love her! <3

  5. krista says:

    Shes pretty but I dont look at her and get all excited and her legs are too long…and too skinny.

    Pretty girl, but I wouldnt be surprised if she got lost in a see of others that look just like her.

  6. Jen says:

    Facebook confirms it – Nik is Chantal Deberry.

  7. Jen says:


  8. Xioa says:

    This girl is ” Amazing” Nik is so fresh, great body and so NOW!

  9. David.S says:

    Weather Nik is ” Chantel ” or another name or whatever you might want to call her. She is Hot, Hot, Hot, her lines are so runway, her gorgeous mouth and those blue eye’s Nik is FANTASTIC.

  10. Justin S says:

    It’s chantel deberry shes amazing and the next big thing. Little girl from texas blowing up NYC!

  11. penny says:

    i cannot believe she did that

  12. jen says:

    Why does is matter if it is her?

  13. Suzanne R says:

    Nik is Hot, Hot, Hot….her body is so runway ready the face is so fresh and clean. Regardless if her name is Chantel or Nik she is FANTASTIC. Good Luck to her…..Oh and her legs are so perfect I thought models are suppose to have long in shape legs.

  14. Heidi says:

    This girl is going to be one of the TOP models in a year…just wait!

  15. shane says:

    I agree, she has a fresh look. Looking forward to seeing her future work.

  16. :) says:

    justin you better say she is amazing :)

  17. Ashley Maresca says:

    What does it matter what her name is ? She’s lovely, I would agree with a few other’s very fresh her eyes are intriguing.She reminds me of the model version of scarlett johansson. Love Her!!!!!!

  18. ronnie peterson says:

    I shoot her a couples of weeks ago! amazing face, amazing posture! She has a brilliant future!

  19. Elvire says:

    The most amazing leggs I have ever seen whaou – I Also like her sweet face!

  20. marc says:


  21. Alexa says:

    High fashion Scarlett Johansson

  22. scout says:

    I think it is very strange that they changed her name when she has already been working in NYC. I liked the other name better.

  23. ... says:

    They probably just wanted to market her as a new face…not Chantel DeBerry from fusion…

  24. kingchic says:

    She’ll be a runway sensation if she can walk. Give her a few seasons to master her face and learn her angles. At first glance, the first shot took me back to Balenciaga S/S06 ad campaign. sign?


  25. pony ryder says:

    fab leggs!
    she would be great in calvin klein.

  26. Sam G. says:


  27. . says:

    She looks like a Calvin girl to me!!!

  28. Megi says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is beautiful and has A LOT of potential.
    A supermodel in the making..

  29. Simon M says:

    Nik is amazing. As always Models.com has an amazing way to finding these new fresh faces. Regardless if Nik was with an agency before it doesn’t matter now this young beauty is visible. ” Thanks to the Models.com staff and IMG”

    Agents must do there job’s by: Developing a model in a timely manner and then marketing. If the agency can’t do it, It’s the models choice to leave. ” Money is Time and Time is Money ”

    If Fusion was her previous agency I never saw her and if I’m correct Fusion is more of a Men’s agency. I think people should focus on what they are known for or best at. ” It’s TRUTH and FACT ” I’m just being honest that’s the problem don’t try to sell a product if you don’t have the resources.

    Thanks again Models.com

  30. layla says:

    ..you can say that again.
    Fusion has always been a male agency. Booking gals is a whole different philosphy and you must know what you are doing.

  31. Em says:

    AMEN, Simon! Well said.

  32. Release says:

    Jodi, Jodi, Jodi

  33. freya says:

    Thanks to J.P from commencequest, who placed her with IMG.


  34. casting says:

    …and THANKS to Daryl Washington for discovering this AMAZING girl last year!

  35. nyc production says:

    Daryl Washington is an incredible Scout.

  36. freya says:

    Who is Daryl Washington?

  37. casting nyc says:

    I never met him. A few girls say he found them as well.

    He also found Jordan Richardson at Elite, Susan Cobel who is now with Ford I’m sure he will appear again.

    I think he used to work for one of the boutique agencies.

  38. freya says:

    why do you think he is found Chantel?

  39. nyc production says:

    I know him and I know he found Nik… because when he 1st discovered her he send her to meet me for a go-see. That was about one year ago.
    He is a lovely guy and, as a client, I enjoyed working with him.
    He found a lot of great girls.

    Great job Daryl Washington. Looking forward to see more girls from you =)

  40. Jess says:

    oh my god, her legs are so long, i’m jealous.

  41. Yarchless says:

    besides Jasmine Sanders..def the best young model getting gigs..many different distinct looks great modeling body for runways.A future star.

  42. Texas Beauties says:

    Actually, a talent/model scout named Nikki Pederson discovered Chantel (Nik) in Texas. She introduced Nik to Darryl Washington. You are right…Darryl does have a great eye for beauty. And as they say, “The rest is history”!

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