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Nothing beats Why Not Model Management‘s roster of blue chip boys. The Milanese agency boasts stars like Noah Mills, RJ Rogenski and Tyson Ballou but there are big things happening happening among their fresher faces too. Boys like Prada opener  Nicolas Ripoll and sensation Ash Stymest are sure to bring a touch of excitement to any show they appear in.

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Adam Senn

Aiden Andrews

Alban Blondiaux


Alexander Stevens

Alvaro Casavechia

Andreas Carrere

Andy Richardson

Arnaud Lemaire

Ash Stymest

Ben Hill

Brittain Ward

Carlos Sanderjpg

Clint Mauro

Colby Jamar

David Gandy

David Jensen

Diogo Tofolo

Dominik Bauer

Dominik Frieg

Douglas Neitzke

Emmanuel Kerr

Evandro Soldati

Fletcher Cowan

Francisco Lachowski

Gabriel Perez

Geoffroy Jonckheere

Girts Vitolins

Gordie Walker

Grayson Vaughan

Gren Zavjalov

Guy Robinson

Hans Hatt

Hauke Odendahl

Hermann Nicoli

Ivan Olita

Jerome Wyvekens

Jesper Lund

Joaquin Morodo

Jonatan Wasen

Jonathan Nee

Jonathan Woodward

Joschka Netz

Josh Dagnall

Juan Angel

Julien Quevenne

Kevin Flamme

Laurens Van Mulukom

Laurent Albucher

Lucas Kalda

Luke Stevens


Manuel Traxler

Marcel Nestler

Marcelo Matos

Mark Cox

Mark Marlon

Mark Waddleton

Matthieu Solignac

Mattia Regonaschi

Mattias Bergh

Max Krieger

Maximiliano Patane

Michael Tintiuc

Michael Whittaker

Michal Ayeboua

Miguel Iglesias

Mihaly Sepreny Martins

Natan Machado

Nate Gill

Nicolas Chabot

Nicolas Ripoll

Niels Raabe

Nils Butler

Noah Mills

Pasha Golovchenko

Paul Sculfor

Paul Stiell

Petr Limonov

Pietro Ditano

Ricardo Barini

Rien Kraak


Rob Moore

Ruben Cortada

Ryan Taylor

Sam Webb

Sebastian Lund

Shaun Haugh

Simon Tham

Stephan Hoffman

Taylor Fuchs

Timo Rademann

Tom James

Tom Travis

Tom Warren

Tommy Dunn


Tyson Ballou

Viggo J

Vincent Dienst

Vitor Bassetto

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  1. Alexandre Blue says:

    he is the best model of the world !!!

  2. Alexandre Blue says:

    ashh stymest forever

  3. Derrik Nero Laswell says:

    Amazing model, so glad he made it into the show package.
    BTW, MMAS that’s what you call a candy shot!

  4. Tanya says:

    Mmmm Ash :)

  5. lasse says:

    Best model at the moment definitive Dennis Johnson. His charisma is hard to find.

  6. Jennifer Maria Cordoba says:

    Great selection!

  7. charliem1 says:

    very very very beautiful boy glad he made it to the show package excited to see the shows he will get!

  8. Christopher Y says:

    Wow, the boys look so “NOW”! very aspirational group of boys! ;-)

  9. Amos Chao says:

    How a too-good-to-be-true model. Godsend…

  10. jeremydante says:

    somehow ryan taylor`s DNA comp card made its way into this bunch. just thought to let you know.

  11. Quan says:


  12. Kirk Blake says:

    Well I am glad you like my spectacular model!!!! Joshua is a great model.. but he is only beginning.. hard when your first shoot is with Mario Testino for Vman…. but more to come from this dynamo!!!! but please dont give him a big head..lol lol he needs to stay the way he is… this is why he will be successful… also because he has an amazing mother agent!!! :)

  13. Elvire says:

    I have met Victor Bassetto in Milano – What a sweet guy & so hot!

  14. Emily7 says:

    Good job Grayson…you look great!

  15. lisa says:

    Can not be denied that he was the most beautiful! No one can not love him! Will always support you! Love you!

  16. APORIA says:

    i loooooooooooooooooove him!!!!

  17. moreone says:

    He is the best malemodel all over the world!!!!
    I loooooooooooooooove him very very very much!!!

  18. BTian says:

    his lips“!

  19. moreone says:

    Nils Butler is the best male model all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. carolina says:

    do you now giulio stella because i can not find him

  21. windu says:


  22. Taty Paty says:

    Die Pics sind so geil =)
    Bist ein echt gutes Model, wenn ich das mal so sagen darf^^
    Naya sehen uns ya bestimmt bald nochmal
    Liebe Grüße Taty.<3

  23. Hypodermic Bunny Needle says:

    At the risk of sounding cliche – he’s so beautiful he makes me cry. <3
    … well, maybe not cry, but certainly tear up a little and giggle like a schoolgirl.

  24. Steve says:

    Solid board! Really like this agency! Ash is strong and I like Ben Hill for a more mature look. Nate Gill is solid! Overall they all are quite impressive.

    I like this agency and curious to see the lastest power! With talent like this, its looking good.


  25. Billy says:

    so weird, I know someone who looks just like him and his name as well is Alex, although the one I know has slightly lighter red hair.

  26. Billy says:

    I meant Alex Loomans.

  27. KR.Effy says:


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