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Variety is the spice of life and Elite Milan has more than enough to go around. With over a hundred boys ready to walk the Milan catwalks and a host of red hot runway favorites like Pablo Contreras, Thiago Santos and Petey Wright, Elite Milan’s presence is sure to be felt. Their resort themed cards with images of the boys poolside add a touch of summer fun to the mix but all the handsome faces within the package speak for themselves.

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Adrien Brunier

Alex La Monaca

Alex Mola

Alexander Stangel

Alexandre Cunha

Andre Bentzer

Andre Martinez

Andrew Cooper

Arthur Daniyarov

Arthur Devalbray

Arthur Sales

Axel Tiderman

Aykel Soker

Baptiste Demay

Beck Brendon

Brendan Ruck

Cesar Casier


Charlie W



Dan D


Danton Torres

Darryl Vriesde

Davi Costa

Devon Nile


Diego Krauss

Edward Barber

Emil Larsson

Evgenyi Kolotov

Fabio Nunes

Felix S

Fernando S


Gabriel Bradiceanu

Garret Smith

Gavin Jones

Gen Huisman

Guntar Asmanis

Gustaf Mcmahon

Hannes Jenmark


Henry Ivezic

Issa Tomaleh

Jacob Benjamin

Jacob Dahlstrom

Jacob Hedberg

Jan T

Jason Wilder

Joan Pedrola

Joeri De Wit

Jon Hosking

Jonathan Kramloft

Jonny Harrington


Julian Feitsma

Julian Schratter

Justin Taylor

Karl Herzer

Keith B

Kevin Taylor

Kristian Akergren

Leo Kreysig

Leonardo Windlin

Lorenzo Scambio

Lukas Bossert

Marc Kjerulf

Marcus Hedebranhd

Marcus Lindberg

Marcus Sheumann


Martin Gruca

Martin Vos

Matt Egan

Maxime Hardy

Nick Gonko

Nicola De Ruvo

Nikki Hock

Oskar Spendrup

Pablo C

Pete Bolton

Petey Wright

Quentin Romet

Rene Szyls

Rob Thurston

Robert Joseph

Rogier Bosschaart

Roman Ivancic


Ruben Rua

Sean Thomson

Sebastian Pils

Sera Tsukimoto


Texas Olsson

Theo Hall

Theodor Temertzidis

Thiago Ribeiro

Thiago Santos

Thomas Hoefnagels

Thomas Ivasaki

Tim Stein

Timothy Moxan

Tobias Soresen

Tomasz Pastyrczak



Vladimir Ivanov


William Eustace

Yoav Reuveni

Zdenek Zaboj


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  1. bmp says:

    STRONG brazilian team!

  2. xx says:

    who is their art director?

  3. Williams Model Management says:

    Brendan Ruck is incredible! Matt Egan, Rob Thurston, and Vlad Ivanov are great guys too! Looking for incredible things from all of them.


  4. davogue says:

    chady got an amazing look

  5. Grab says:

    Love him! so hot!

  6. makarena says:

    aii diviinoo
    sos hermosoo
    mi amor
    te amooo hermoso
    sos lo mas lindoo.
    soi de argentina

  7. Christopher Y says:

    hmm… strange… there’s a variety, but the boys don’t seem to have been strictly selected. It seems like Elite Milan just dumped in all the boys they’ve got… too bad… and seriously, the art direction of comp cards?! hmm… looks like a bad and cheap rip-off of Docker’s 90’s ad campaigns… sorry… :(

  8. amy says:

    WOW! theo hall!!!

  9. Nuria says:

    Pablo Contreras… why is he even a model? ITS NOT A COOL FASHION LOOK.. geez… we now have Josh Beech, Cole Mohr, Luke Worrall listed as one of the top 30 models nowadays (and they all are jokes.. pfft), and a ridiculous Contreras on that list.. pretty sure the world is going mad. Or they need cheap guys since they’re having some financial problems…

  10. leonardo windlin says:

    é o mais lindo, e já é sucesso.

  11. cassia says:

    Congrats Fabio….you really rock!!…

  12. Nadja says:

    Lindoooo Fabito! você é o sucesso…
    Todos no braza estão com saudades!

  13. layla says:

    Miss Nuria
    for you to make such statements, you better be a rich and gorgeous woman. clearly fashion came to these boys and you dont get it what so ever, you must work in commercial fashion or something like that.

  14. jmendez says:

    hmm…then i wonder why contreras has been booked for so many jobs and has even shot with Meisel…clearly he’s gorgeous, and you must be blind

  15. Artch says:

    lo maximo…saludos desde PERU… ADORO LA MODA EN MILAN.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Filhote você já é número 1!

  17. Marcela says:


  18. annelie says:

    ahhhhh, muleeequee! arrasa, arthur sales! beijao

  19. Palloma says:

    Vaiiiiiii Arthur!!!!!!! Elfoooooo!!!!!!!!!

  20. triste!! says:

    pqp, eu estudei com ele!!!! nunca tive coragem p pedir p ficar com ele!! que odio!!! eu qro vc arthur, sonho com vc todos os dias só de cueca!!! vooooooooooolta p mim


  21. leonardo windlin says:

    arrrrrrrrrrrasou no desfile da prada leonardo windlin vc. vai longe

  22. Rafaela says:

    awww i think your being kind of mean nuria. Look at all the UGLY models they place in milan and anywhere else. your going to hate on pablo contreras? fashion is cool. if people are smart they will keep their looks and models updated. what idiot says fashion isn’t cool?

  23. Dayan Moratelli says:


  24. Malinka Max says:

    Issa! Missing in action! Hope all is going well,remember about the poster!

  25. Deleon says:

    Nossa, eles são muito bons, só faltava eu aí..{anorexiboy}

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