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Were mad for BANANAS, their Spring/Summer show package has landed and it packs a punch. Stars like Cole Mohr, George Barnett, Thiago Santos and Luke Worrall are front and center bringing their rock n’ roll vibe while classic gents like Romulo Pires add a touch of elegance. All in all the coolest boys are ready for Paris – it’s only a question of which blue chip shows they’ll appear at this season.

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Adrien Brunier

Andre Depizol

Apolo Thomas

Arthur K

Bastian Ninaber

Benjamin Wenke

Christian Brylle

Clinton Weber

Clment Barreda

Cole Mohr

Daniel Hicks


Enrico Petzold

Eugen Timofejev

Federico Moyano

Florent Sobczak

George Barnett

Gordie Walker

Guntars Asmanis

Guy Robinson

Hakan Norling


Jakob Hybolt

Janice Fronimakis

Jethro Cave

John Patrick Dine

Johnny Angel

Jonas Kesseler

Jonathan Kramhoft

Jonathan Woodward

Jono Namara

Joshua Von DePol

Julius Niehus

Laurens Good

Laurent Meri

Lenz Von Johnston

Louis de Castro

Lucas Mascarini

Luciano Rivarola

Luke Worrall

Malte Paulsen

Matthieu Solignac


Michael Schillgalies

Nicolas Ripoll

Paul Boche

Peer Hendrik Munster

Rob Rae

Robert Joseph

Roch Barbot

Romulo Pires

Ronalds Krastins

Santiago Montero

Stephan Raczak


Thiago Santos

Thomas Hoefnagels

Timothee Elkaim

Tom Travis

Toms Birkavs

Travis Davenport

Tristan Knights

Wiktor Hansson

Yuri Pleskun

Zdenek Zaboj

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  1. Derek says:

    Betty- How did the agency come up with the name Bananas? I totally love it, but find it a bit silly. Thanks!

    PS-I’m so getting that internship :)

  2. W says:

    In that photo he’s gorgeous.

  3. squela says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww what a beautiful guy

  4. squela says:

    Janis Fronimakis :))

  5. Antonio Barros says:

    I have the feeling that agencies selected better looking guys this seasson.

  6. Elvire says:

    Christian Brylle is my fav!

  7. montse corona says:

    PAUL, PAUL, PAUL, PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jiang says:

    Christian Brylle and Louis de Castro !!! I’m looking forward to your shows!

  9. debby says:

    I love Johnny’s A. hiar

  10. Nadia says:

    Benjamin Wenke woo!

  11. Gina says:

    I’m BANANAS for Travis Davenport!!!!!!!

  12. Active says:

    Luke Worrall is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing and talented model. I would love to photograph him for my portfolio. I am an aspiring photographer, just getting started in the field. I hope to have models as good as Mr. Worrall. Much love Luke!

  13. CHEMLAL slimane says:

    “salut roch je suis content pour toi que tu es reussi dans le domaine de la mode c est la classe a tres bientot ps: mehdi te passe le bonjour

  14. Leslie says:

    :D I went to school with that guy.

  15. mary barreau says:

    And I am his very proud Mum!!

  16. T.D MAY says:

    Travis Davenport is drop dead gorgeous !!!! Need to see alot more of him.

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