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June 8th, 2009 by wayne | Boys, Industry News, Model News
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Mark Vanderloo. Ph: Mikael Jansson for DKNYMen Fragrance S/S 09

At long last, Models.com’s highly anticipated Top Male Icons is unleashed.

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  1. Gustavo says:

    Guys i almost passed out when i read it LOL
    after much delay, its finally out!
    thanks MDC!

  2. Gustavo says:

    Well i couldnt agree more with Mr Vanderloo taking the first spot!
    He really deserves that after almost 2 decades of hard work and so many memorable editorials and campaigns.
    And finally, Mathias was recognized as an icon after 5 years of substantial exposure in the media! All his fans are happy, im sure!

  3. Knuts says:


  4. raie says:

    i love men and model.com xD

  5. sohyle says:


  6. page says:

    ummm…nice list, but no tyson beckford or marcus shenkenburg? if you’re going for “icon status” those two should be at the helm.

  7. betty says:

    Dear Page,
    We adore Tyson Beckford and Markus Schenkenberg but, as the writeup says, it’s a list of “working icons of the moment” with recent campaigns and editorials. Our icons lists, both men and women, focus on top models with recent fashion campaigns and editorials. Because of our criteria, the 2 lists don’t include such legends as those 2 for the men, and models like Twiggy, Veruschka, Cindy Crawford for the women.

    Under each person’s name is their profile with work from the last 2 seasons. If you feel we are missing anything on Tyson and Markus, please feel free to email me at support@models.com.


  8. fendi says:

    Betty..where is danny beaucham. He is the ultimate icon, must have runway model. You should make it 25 instead of 10. If you short of model, you can always put me…..

  9. page says:

    my apologies Betty, i did not read all of the fine print.

  10. 5535 says:

    r u serious? or kidding:- /

  11. Catherine says:

    Great choices, but I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never heard of some of those guys before… =O

  12. Drew Smith says:

    Speaking of needing Male Models, I am right here, 6’2 and I have a little brother who is just 13 and almost 6’1 and he is a looker, or at least that’s what they say. Ha! He is a the New York Build , where I am the athletic build–but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be N.Y. if they would let me….Drew

  13. imdad love. says:

    I edit and i delete it,
    I send and i read it,
    I wait and i delay it,
    I think and i dream it,
    I love and imdad hold it.

  14. Ryan says:

    So is this list a testament to the difficulties of minorities in the male modeling industries? Not that I’m asking for affirmative action for the list, because I don’t believe that the site is for one second racist(and everyone on the list is deserving, for that matter). But it’s unfortunate that a model of color has failed to reach the precipice of icon within the last few years.

  15. Hanna says:

    Where is Marcus Schenkenberg? He is an legendary male model…
    I don’t understand why he didn’t earn his spot on the list??? I feel weird about some of these guys

  16. vinciano says:

    Tyson Beckford has to major campaigns that aren’t listed. He was a part of the multi-guy Dsquared2 Men S/S09 campaign and he also shot Dsquared2 Eyewear along with Linda Evangelista….both were shot by Meisel. Pics can be found on TFS. With those two campaigns, and the fact that he’s the most recognizable name/face in the history of male models, I thought he’d be a shoo-in for number one. #1 Vanderloo only has two campaigns but isn’t nearly as an iconic figure as Beckford, although he does do more editorial work.

    Another name I was shocked not to see was former MDC model of the week Noah Mills. Not sure if he should be on the Icon list or the regular working list, but he’s certainly on an editorial tear and has multiple campaigns for F/W 09.10 and a renewed contract with Michael Kors. I remember reading there would be a money list, maybe he will be on that one too.

    There were some other omissions, but those two were the glaring ones for me. I’m one of the rare few that follow male models much more closely than female models. So I was excited to see the list, even with the exclusive of Beckford and Mills!

  17. rylan says:

    will chalker?

  18. row says:

    I have to agree with you catherine, some of the guys are pretty new to me…

  19. damnthatlion says:

    Alex Lundqvist “rugged”?!? Apart from the scar, he’s got the face of a porcelain doll. Vanderloo though – unparalleled

  20. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    …can’t agree more with the number ONE spot, true professional, and a very nice guy Mr Vanderloo.
    …not so sure about a couple of other entries on the top ten though.

  21. didiophoto says:


  22. vikturjavier says:

    Vanderloo rules! Betty, I want to see a list with Tyson and Markus on it, working or not!! I mean they ruled the 90s.

  23. Ambigous says:

    in my opinion, Brad Kroenig should be number 1. He has “The Iconic Face”, the long very accomplished career, the small town Boy-Big City Dreams true story, and his name and image is forever linked with CHANEL and Karl Lagerfeld who are major powerhouses……

    Betty your list is not accurate because Brad Kroenig should be number 1!

  24. betty says:


    Have you seen Alex recently? He’s a total “MAN” now… no longer that sweet faced boy he used to be.


  25. Bad Boy says:

    Nacho Figueras so handsome!

  26. betty says:


    Meisel did not shoot the multi guy DSquared campaign. It was pulled from backstage shots of the show. I looked everywhere for Tyson as I knew he was going to be in it. All the major magazines didn’t run his as far as I know.

    As for the Meisel shot, there was a photo leaked online but same thing, the ad with Tyson in it was not run in any of the big magazines that I know of.

    If you can tell me the magazine and what issue it was, then that would be great.

    Money list will be coming out. It will be like the women’s, where Gisele, Kate, etc are on both Icons and Money. There will be crossover on the men’s Icons and Money list.


  27. Derek says:

    Betty-You need to give me an internship!

  28. betty says:

    If you’re really interested and in New York, email me at support@models.com, with your resume, with “Attention Betty” in the subject.


  29. Geoff_Vivi says:

    Betty, I am so happy to see this ranking list out!! Thanks for this so much, I have been waitin this list for such long time. I am also happy to se Mathias here!!!

  30. j says:

    Eh. Male models aren’t that interesting, tbh. While the site’s women icons list is a split between women I would say “yeah, icon” and “well, I’ve heard a good deal about her at least,” the men’s list is “I’ve never heard of him before” and “um, that name sounds vaguely familiar…oh wait, only in the context of the site. Otherwise, would have never heard of him.”

    Though the only lists on the site I really look at are top 50 females and top female icons, so.

  31. j says:

    Actually, I know it wouldn’t really be relevant to the actual modern modeling industry, but I think a list of the top models all-time would be quite fascinating and entertaining to read. Mostly the females, but maybe I could see which few male models there are who deserve the prefix “super.”

  32. damnthatlion says:


    not to quibble, but I have seen Alex recently, and though as you say he’s not the lad Lagerfeld so loved (all those campaigns and stories with Nadja: before there was Brad, there was Alex. and Jason Shaw – remember Jako? and then of course there was Anthony Vibert), I’d still hesitate to use the term rugged. And I agree – the list is missing Will Chalker

    sorry if I seem to be constantly undermining your judgement; it’s just I consider models.com the go-to site for all things Model – keep up the brilliant work!

  33. Stylehog says:

    I am so excited!

  34. anen says:

    I saw Nacho Figueras on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon he came on stage on a horse with his Polo outfit OMG so Hawt his accent is sexy

  35. betty says:


    Don’t worry, we don’t consider it undermining… intelligent dialogue is always welcome. Will Chalker is def someone we’re keeping our eyes on and as always, the icons list will shift slightly season to season depending on who the clients book, so he could go in there one day.

    Keep an eye out for money guys!


  36. liz rosenberg says:

    Marcus Schenkenberg is the model for Alessandro International (Men Hand Care) and will launch his own fragrance for LR is he not deserving to be included in this list? You should verify your infos correctly before making your list.

  37. Nik says:

    I agree with Vinciano 100%.. There is just no way, no how you all should omit Noah Mills from at least MDCs Top 50 Men. He KILLS it for the campaigns, and he did have quite a few edits, and even a couple of covers this year. The D&G fragrance campaign, featuring four other MDC ‘Icons’, has been very high-profile; even featured on an edition of Entertainment Tonight, which just sounds like the icing on the cake to me. Mr. Mills seems to be big time in demand.

  38. Nik says:

    Three months later, and I still say…………WHERE IS NOAH MILLS? He is carrying over into another season with more good campaigns, and I’m sure when the high-end European magazines are published we’ll be seeng even more of him. We will be seeing him soon on MDC Icon Men ranking soon, right?

  39. Nik says:

    Time for an update, maybe? (Think Noah Mills, Cory Bond)

  40. Nik says:

    Ok. I think its time to update Icons Men to 15. This is the one ranking that I must say is not updated as it should be. This should include Noah Mills, Mathias Lauridsen, Jon Kortajarena, David Gandy, and Andre Van Noord should be included. We can’t forget about the boys MDC, so Stephen, Wayne, Janelle, Betty…..you got work to do. :-)

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