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  1. lanvinray says:

    Ford’s men division is getting bigger! Now that Jesus Luz is part of them..major!!! I wonder why AJ, Petey, CJ and Jake are not going to Paris hmmm…

  2. Derek says:

    Ariel, Denis, EDDIE, Jesus, Julian, Julien, MATTIAS, Roman & Sebastian.

  3. styleanywhere says:

    strong battalion of male models for ford

  4. Barbara says:

    MATHIAS is my favourite.. always,my dear :)

  5. m says:


    have you not heard of direct bookings?

  6. Byblos says:

    Vlad Ivanov, you are the best in men model. Warm regars.

  7. Adrian says:

    Wendell aka mr.Hermes rocks!!!

  8. Yasy says:

    Franciscooo!!!! ……… <3 perfeito ( =P drooling)

  9. Munichmarty says:

    Did anyone knew Jesus Luz before he became Madonnas ´ boytoy ?

  10. Heyo says:

    Has Eddie always been with Ford? If not, when did he move and from where?
    Im just curious, since he’s the best of the best! ;-)

  11. MDC_383183 says:

    mathias, I missed you!!

  12. madulo says:

    mathias is the best male model to come out of denmark. i always watch him on south africas F.TV.

  13. Daniel says:

    Wasn’t Eddie with DNA?! I didn’t know he switched to Ford. Oh well! As long as he’s still modeling that’s all I care about lol!

  14. Ryan Clark says:

    Si Ness is a fucking boss

  15. makarena says:

    aiii mii amor
    sos hermoso diviiinooo
    soii de argenntiiinnnaaa jejeje.
    ttee amo diviino saves como te la dejo

  16. martin korben says:


  17. Kaian says:

    Mathias Lauridsen… very good model…

  18. george carvalio says:

    I love Jesus…….

  19. Anne says:

    OMG!! There’s no words 2 describe him. God really loves him to make him soooooo HOT, Juicy, sexy, etc….

  20. Labupo says:

    Mathias Lauridsen,an excellent good model…

  21. coline says:

    very good

  22. daniel says:

    Vladimir Ivanov and Sean O’Pry are my two new obsessions.

  23. Rafael B. says:

    you didn’t put the tag on Francisco Lachowski!

  24. Eva says:

    Mathias Lauridsen..
    He shines forever!!!!

  25. deanna says:

    mathias.. goooood!!!!

  26. deanna says:

    Mathias Lauridsen……

    He shines forever :)

  27. Beckyyuan says:

    Love Mathias Lauridsen

  28. Monica says:

    MATHIAS is a very attractive

  29. modelgirl says:

    Stas is gorgeous

  30. Amber says:

    Mathias!!! Mmmmmmm

  31. Matteo says:

    Wendell is on the slurp magazine 6.


  32. LVG says:

    Yes Mathias is a dear, great friend of Mine! I look at him for him not his looks. Very kind! I miss him when he is gone!

  33. LVG says:

    Mange Kys Mathias LV!!Knus

  34. Thestylist says:

    Omg!!!! Thats huge Matteo how do you know? Is Wendell on the cover or just a spread?

  35. Olga says:

    Mathias Lauridsen is my #1 :)

  36. cc says:

    Mathias Lauridsen,an excellent good model…

  37. Jessica says:

    Mathias!so cute!You are wonderful!

  38. Julie says:

    Mathias #1

  39. gaston seitler says:

    mki brother is the best. if you see up he is there

  40. Al says:

    Mathias..you are the most perfect man I’ve ever laid eyes on.
    Stay beautiful.
    And I love Francisco second..beautiful..beautiful bois…..

  41. Cordell says:

    Remiond me of those tweens

  42. Watch Titanic Online says:

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