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  1. Geory says:

    photos of the models are perfect

  2. Geory says:

    top 1.75 centimeters, weight 79 kilograms, with excellent genetics and a charming smile

  3. ~ says:


  4. Baby C says:


  5. Derek says:

    Alexis, Borys, Brian, Ian, Sam, Thibault & Travis. Sexy men at Major Paris!

  6. tahlia says:

    omg my darling nil!! well done on your success, we knew youd make it! hope to cross paths again one day.

    xoxo tahlia

  7. Mmmm says:

    Who’s James Sorrentino? is he new ? he’s a new Bill Gentle. That’s money !!!

  8. NS says:

    I LOVE James…he is gonna do great. What a great face

  9. squela says:

    but that 3rd photo isnt Travis but Chad White my fav model of Major agency:)

  10. MDC_373269 says:

    go russia! ;)

  11. Baby C says:

    Well seems I was right :-) Versace, Westwood and C.P. Company in Milan.

    What’s he gonna do in Paris???

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