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Elite London (London) A/W 2014 Show Package


Aine Ogorman

Alana Zimmer

Alice Gilbert

Amanda Ware

Amy Drayton

Anastasjia Titko

Anika Kluk

Antonia Wasseloh

Antonina Petkovic

Ashley Turner

Beatrice Bran

Becca Horn

Bianca Hepburn

Blue Sumrie

Carly Moore

Caroline Davies

Chey Carty

Cindy Bruna

Clara Mcsweeney

Cristina Mantas

Crystal Renn

Daiane Conterato

Dauphine Mckee

Emily Mueleman

Emma Waldo

Erjona Ala

Felicity Peel

Grace Anderson

Gracie Van Gastel

Hanna Schawb

Jenia Ierokhina

Josephine Letutour

Kamila Hansen

Karolina Waz

Kelly Gale

Kristina Salinovic

Kwak Ji Young

Lieve Dannau

Lisa Verbergth

Lizzy Burden


Mackenzie Drazan

Maddie Seisay

Manuela Frey

Marina Nery

Maud Le Fort

Maud Welzen

May Bell

Milly Simmonds

Nadja Giramata


Natalie Westling

Nicole Keimig

Olivia David

Pauline Hoarau

Pebbles Turnbull

Polina Sova

Ruth Bell

Saskia Buda

Scarlet Grey

Shani Gabi Zigron

Sigrid Agren

Simona Andrejic

Sophie Touchet

Suzie Bird

Tabitha Pernar

Ysaunny Brito

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» View all Agencies Show Packages here

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  1. Marco says:

    And the showpackages of Milan f.week where they are?

  2. Jo. says:

    Wow! Lovely

  3. ebencipe says:

    Holy camoley!!! The EML twins are ready to kill the runway.. Soo happy that May & Ruth BEll got a showcard.. .The girls are just going to be big!!! <3

    Lizzy Burden? Omg the Filipina Girl!! – Another thing to cheer on??/ But where is Kelly Mittendorf? That girl has soo much potential and needs to work <3


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